Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

U-Z Leaders – One-Line Database 

Jeff Ubois
, Future of Media Archives, Innovation, Philanthropy, Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation

Gereon Uerz, Project Director, Future Affairs, Volkswagen

Jack Uldrich, Futurist, CUO, Sch. of Unlearning, Editor, JumptheCurve Higher Unlearning (46)

Tim Urban, Test Prep Entrepeneur, Co-Founder, TruePrep, Writer/Illustrator, Wait But Why (48)

Alexander van de Putte
, Managing Dir, Strategy, Development Bank of Kazakhstan

Ariane van de Ven, Trend Consultant, Strategist, Creative Office and Trendspotting Director, Puig

Kees van der Heijden, Fellow, Said Business School, U. Oxford, Scenarios

Luke van der Laan, Dir, Professional Studies, U. So. Queensland, Principal, ADVANTAGE Foresight & Strategy

Terry J. van der Werff, Strategic Advisor, Management Consulting, Pres., van der Werff Global

Zulandi van der Westhuizen, Deputy Dir, Scenarios & Resources, World Energy Council, Sr Advisor, Eskom

Kirsten van Dam, Director, Trend + Insight and Strategy, and Founder, Out of Office

Freija van Duijne, Research Analyst, The Hague Center for Strategic Studies, Dir, Future Motions (49)

Philippe van Nedervelde, Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno Convergence Entrepreneur, Dir of ID, 2045 Initiative (65)

Lieve van Woensel, Dir., Scientific Foresight Service, European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

John Vanston, Consultant, Educator, Speaker, Chairman, Technology Futures, Minitrends

Anna-Leena Vasamo, PhD Student, MIND (Industrial Engrg and Management), Aalto U, Researcher, FERN

Javier Enrique Medina Vasquez, Director, Institute of Foresight and Innovation, Universidad del Valle

Jan Verloop, Innovation Consultant, Director, Causa Innovatie, CITGS, Insight in Innovation

Lucio Mauricio Henao Velez, Foresight Advisor and Teacher, Management Consultant, CEO, Proseres

Etienne Verbist, Innovator, Crowdfunding Evangelist, Managing Director Europe, Crowdsourcing Week

Clement Vidal, Researcher, Vrije U. Brussel, Co-Founder, Evo Devo Universe, The Beginning and the End

Eze Vidra, Venture Capitalist, Founder, VC Café, General Partner, Google Ventures (62)

Vernor Vinge, Retired Prof of Math, Computer Scientist, Science Fiction Author, Rainbows End

Natasha Vita-More, Designer, Artist, Professor, University of Advancing Technology (46)

Heiko von der Gracht, Dir, Think Tank for Futures Mgmt, Inst. of Corporate Ed, The Future of Logistics

Peter von Stackelberg, Story Architect, Business, Strategy, Tech Foresight, Blog, Technology & the Future

Joseph Voros, Physicist, Foresight Theorist, Sen. Lecturer, Strategic Foresight, Swinburne U of Tech

Peter Voss, Software Architect, Chairman, Smart Action, Founder and CEO, AGI Innovations

Vivek Wadhwa
, VP of Innovation and Research, Singularity University, The Immigrant Exodus (83)

Cindy Wagner, Former Editor, The Futurist, World Future Society, Writer, AAI Foresight

Andreas M. Walker, Strategist, Scenario Writer, Metrobasel Think Tank, Co-President, SwissFuture

Lloyd Walker, Innovation Services, Strategic Planning, Product Development, President, Precurve

Brian Wang, Business Process Consultant, Editor, Next Big Future , Blog (62)

Mark Waser, Ethical Systems Architect, Artificial intelligence, CTO, Digital Wisdom Institute

Jeff Watson, Assistant Prof., School of Cinematic Arts, USC. ARG Game Creator, Reality Ends Here (50)

Richard Watson, Author, Futurist, Scenario Planner, Founder, Nowandnext, Futurevision

John Watts, Wargaming and Security Foresight, Consultant, US and International Security, Noetic

Robin Wauters, European Internet, Mobile, and Startups Market, Founding Editor,

Danial D.M. Wayner, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, National Research Council Canada

Steve Weber, Professor, UC Berkeley, Senior Advisor, Monitor Deloitte, Consultant, NIC Global Trends

Edie Weiner, Strategic Futurist, Foresight Intell., President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Blog, FutureThink

Jared Weiner, Management Consultant, Futurist, Vice President, Weiner, Edrich, Brown

Andrew Weinreich, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Coach, Author, Predicting Our Future podcasts.

Jonathan Wells, Strategic Relationships, Segment Technology Services Partner, Towers Watson (34)

Julia R. West, Futurist, Product Designer, California College of the Arts, What the Foresight

George Westerman, MIT Sloan Professsor, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, Leading Digital (51)

Jameson Wetmore, Assoc Dir, Ctr for Nanotechnology in Society, Prof, ASU, Technology and Society

Verne Wheelwright, Personal Futurist, Director, Personal Futures Network, It’s Your Future (43)

Sue Whitfield, Business and Strategic Planning, Owner, White Tree Consulting

Markku Wilenius, Prof, and Senior Advisor, Finland Futures Research Center, Surfing the Sixth Wave

Angela Wilkinson, Strategic Foresight Counsellor, OECD, Contributor, The Essence of Scenarios

Austin Williams, Director, Future Cities Project, Lecturer in Architecture, Xian Jaiotong U

Alane Wilson, Strategic Foresight, Not-for-Profits, Exec. Dir., British Columbia Library Association

James (Phil) Wisecup, VADM, USN (Ret), Director, CNO’s Strategic Studies Group

Alex Wissner-Gross, Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Fellow, Harvard Innovation Lab (48)

David Wood, IT Futurist, Chair London Futurists, Principal, Delta Wisdom, Anticipating 2025

Derek Woodgate, Futurist, Author, Innovator, Pres, The Futures Lab, Blog, Future Frequencies (37)

Wilson Wong, Head of Insight and Futures, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

Benjamin Wright, Legal Futurist, Law of Data Security & Investig., SANS Inst, Law of Electronic Commerce

Andrew Wynberg, Energy Policy, Asst. Manager, Dept. of Resources, Energy and Tourism, Australian Govt.


Lina Yang
, Director, Strategic Foresight and Customer Insights, The Hershey Company

Aubrey Yee, Writer, Designer, Photographer, Doctoral Student in Futures Studies, University of Hawaii

Guy Yeomans, Futures and Strategic Foresight Consultant, Founder, Arctic Futures

Richard Yonck, Foresight Analyst, Intell. Future Consulting, The Heart of the Machine: Emotional AI (51)

David Zach
, Speaker, Author, Strategic Trends and Traditions Analyst, Blog

Fareed Zakaria, TV Host, Columnist, Author, The Post-American World (87)

Amy Zalman, Former CEO, World Future Society, Founder, Strategic Narrative

Carrie Zapka, Microbiology Scientist, Sustainability Initiatives, Gojo, Blog

Michael Zey, Future Trends Scholar and Speaker, Prof, Montclair State U, The Future Factor

Jonathan Zittrain, Prof of Law and Computer Science, Harvard U, The Future of the Internet (84)

John Zogby, Pollster, Pundit, CEO, Zogby International, The Way We’ll Be (46)

Andrew Zolli, Global Thinker, Author, Creative Force at PopTech, Resilience (58)

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