Chapter 2. Personal Foresight - Becoming an Effective Self-Leader

II. Trait and Strength Assessments

Let’s look at a few personality trait models now, and see how they can help us with personal foresight. We’ll begin with the model of “hedgehogs” versus “foxes,” a quick introduction to two classic styles of foresighter and futurist which are always in tension with each other. Then we’ll look at the Big Five personality traits, a much more evidence-based model in psychology research. In the process we will propose a sixth category that we think is presently overlooked in the Big 5 model, and explore some of its consequences for managing teams.

Next we’ll introduce Myers-Briggs, the classic personality assessment framework, and Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, one of the new work-oriented trait and skill models seeing rapid adoption. We’ll also show how Gallups four leadership domains in their Strengths-Based Leadership model provides some evidence for our three Doing skills in the Do loop, just as the Evo Devo (Three Ps) Foresight Types provide evidence for our three Seeing skills. Adding learning and reviewing to these six skills, via the commonly used Learn See Do Review cycle gives us the final two of our Eight Skills. Applying these skills to our own lives can be called Adaptive Self-Leadership, a promising general methodology for better managing and leading our own lives and careers.

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