Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

Smaller Primary Foresight Consultancies (Under $1M in Revs and 1-4 Full-Time Employees)

Organizational foresight leaders and previous leaders (“prev.”) are listed below in bold, where known. Check LinkedIn Advanced Search, using org name and relevant foresight terms (strategy, foresight, forecasting, design, innovation, scenarios, etc.), org site search, (site:domainname searchstring) and general Google search to find current and past foresight leaders at each org. Use multiple negatives to eliminate urls or terms you don’t want, and use quotes to get exact phrases, like “strategic foresight” and “future of”.

Consultancy Foresight Leaders; Company Description Region (HQ)
21st Century Learning Charles Fadel. Educational standards and foresight. 1 (Boston, MA)
4CF Kacper Nosarewski. Strategic foresight consultancy. 3 (Warsaw, Poland)
5Deka Rejean Bourgault, Olivier Adam. Research, consulting, talks. 1 (Montreal, Canada)
Acceleration Studies Fdn John Smart; Technology foresight, strategy, innovation consulting. 1 (Mountain View, CA)
Adizes Institute Ichak Adizes; Change mgmt and org development consulting. 1 (Santa Barbara, CA)
Alsek Research Joan Foltz; Corporate foresight consulting. 1 (Tempe, AZ)
Alternative Futures Tuomo Kuosa; Combining Forecasting with Co-design. 3 (Helsinki, Finland)
AndSpace Christian Crews; Foresight, innovation, strategy consulting. 1 (New York, NY)
Asian Foresight Inst Richard Hames; Strategic foresight and leadership consult. 10 (Thailand)
Breaking Trends Alex Howe; Global trends intelligence from leading cities. 1 (London, UK)
Bridge8 Kristin Alford; Facilitation, tech foresight, workshops, events. 10 (Adelaide,Australia)
Center for Future Studies Consulting , research, foresight. Affiliated with Kent U. 1 (Kent, UK)
Chermack Scenarios Thomas J. Chermack; Scenario planning focused consulting. 1 (Ft. Collins, CO)
Cognovis Terry Frazier; Competitive intelligence, wargaming. 1 (Tyler, TX)
Commun. & Regional Resilience Warren Edwards; Resilience planning and research. 1 (Oak Ridge, TN)
Competia Estelle Mayer; Competitive and strategic intelligence svcs. 1 (Ottawa) 3 (Geneva)
Emergent Futures Paul Higgins, Sandy Teagle;  Foresight consulting. 10 (Melbourne, Austrl)
European Futures Observatory Stephen Aguilar-Millan; Research studies, events. 3 (Ipswitch, UK)
Fast Future Rohit Talwar; Horizon scanning, trend studies, technology roadmapping, accelerated scenario planning, future mapping 3 (London, UK)
FiveThirtyEight Nate Silver; Predictive analytics blog (elections, events, etc.) 1 (New York, NY)
Foltigo Daniel Egger; Brazilian strategic foresight consultancy. 2 (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Foresight Alliance Josh Calder, Roumiana Gotseva, Kristen Nauth; Opportunity identification, early warning, innovation, strategy consulting. 1 (Washington, DC)
Foresight Canada Ruben Nelson; Foresight for Canadian economy & society. 1 (Alberta, Canada)
Foresight for Development Rockefeller Fdn-funded platform for African foresight. 5 (Pretoria, South Africa)
Foresight International Richard Slaughter; Integral and sustainability foresight. 10 (Indooroopilly,Aust)
Foresight Institute Christine Peterson; Think thank focused on nanotechnology. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
Foresight U John Smart; Foresight training, entrepreneurship support (Futureworthy), retreats. 1 (Los Gatos, CA)
Fdn for PeertoPeer Alternatives Michael Bauwens; Foresight around the P2P/Sharing econ. 10 (ChngMai,Thailnd)
Futuramb P A Martin Börjesson; Foresight, insight, strategy consulting. 3 (Goteborg, Sweden)
Future Corporation Dr. John Luthy; Public and business futures consulting. 1 (Boise, ID)
Future Crimes Institute Marc Goodman; Research on crime, policing, criminal justice. 1 (Silicon Valley, CA)
Future Directions Castulus Kolo, MHMK U. Foresight, strat & mgmt consulting. 3 (Munich, Germany)
Future Journeys Janine Cahill; Foresight consulting, experiential learning. 10 (Coogee, Australia)
Future Laboratory Chris Sanderson; Consumer trend reporting & consulting. 1 (London, UK)
Future Moves Devadas Krishnadas; Foresight and futures consultancy. 10 (Singapore)
Future Problem Solving Program International Marianne Solomon; Brings foresight thinking into high schools internationally. Competitions and conference. 1 (Melbourne, FL)
Future Search Network Sandra Janoff, Marvin Weisbord; Collab. foresight facilitation. 1 (Philadelphia, PA)
Futurecheck Marcel Bullinga; Trendspotting and foresight consultancy. 3 (Amsterdam,NL)
Futures Foundation Charles Brass; Planning, strategy, foresight for indivs. & orgs. 10 (Melbourne, Austrl)
Futures Lab Derek Woodgate; Foresight and innovation consulting. 1 (Austin, TX)
Futurewise AB Peter Siljerud, Thomas Edlund; Trend forecasting. 3 (Copenhagn,Swedn)
Futuribles Hugues de Jouvenel; Foresight research since 1960s. 3 (Paris, France) Glen Hiemstra; Foresight pubs, speaking & consulting. 1 (WA, USA)
Global Change Patrick Dixon; Trends and strategy speaking, consulting. 1 (London, UK)
Global Foresight Books Michael Marien; Foresight book reviews. 5,000+ titles 1 (LaFayette, NY)
Group Resources Prospective Francois Bourse; Foresight consulting. 3 (Paris, France)
Hybrid Reality Institute Parag Khanna; Urban and geostrategic foresight. 3 (London, UK)
Impetu Solutions Totti Könnölä; Foresight, systemic innovation consulting and software. Public sector orientation. 3 (Espoo, Finland; Madrid, Spain)
Infinite Futures Wendy Schultz; Foresight, visioning, facilitation. 3 (Oxford, UK)
Inst. for Ethics & Emerg Tech James Hughes; Technology and transhumanist foresight. 1 (Hartford, CT)
Inst. for Global Futures James Canton; Strategy consulting, new venture analysis. 3 (San Francisco, CA)
International Futures Forum Graham Leicester; Foresight training, educ., World Games. 3 (Aberdour, Scotland)
Intelligent Future Richard Yonck; Foresight consulting, tech foresight. 1 (Seattle, WA)
JPM Associates Carol L. McFadden; Criminal justice plng & consulting group. 1 (AZ, USA)
Kate Thomas & Kleyn Kaat Exterbille; Future management & comm. consultancy. 3 (Brussels, Belgium)
Kedge Frank Spencer; Foresight, innovation, strategic design firm. 1 (Savannah, GA)
KurzweilAI Amara Angelica, Giulio Prisco; Blogging accelerating change. 1 (Boston, MA)
La Prospective Michel Godet; Foresight consulting. 3 (Paris, France)
LASA Development Patricia Lustig, Wendy Schultz; Foresight consulting. 3 (Stroud, UK)
Leading Futurists Jennifer Jarratt and John Mahaffie; Foresight consulting. 1 (Washington DC)
Long Now Foundation Alex Rose; Promoting long-term foresight, “slower thinking.” 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Machine Intelligence Rsrch Inst Luke Muelhauser, Eliezer Yudkowsky; Friendly AI research. 1 (Berkeley, CA)
Magellis Consultants Nathalie Bassaler; Strategic foresight consulting. 3 (Paris, France)
Neocogs Ben Flavel; Foresight and innovation consulting. 10 (Melbourne, AU)
NVC Consulting/Spiral Dynamics Chris Cowan, Natasha Todorovic; Change mgmt, leadership. 1 (Santa Barbara, CA)
Panopticon Visioning and alternative futures group. 3 (Antwerp, Belgium)
Personal Futures Verne Wheelwright; Personal foresight and strategic planning. 1 (Harlingen, TX)
ProGective Fabienne Goux-Baudiment; Corporate foresight consulting. 3 (Paris, France)
Prospektiker Foresight, visioning, strategic planning. 25 yrs. 3 (Gipuzkoa, Spain)
SAMI Consulting Michael Owen, Gill Ringland; Foresight consulting. 3 (Newbury, UK)
Scenarios + Vision Helene von Riebnitz; Foresight consulting. 3 (Paris, France)
Serious Wonder Gray Scott, Kevin Russell; Futurism, tech, and design media. 1 (New York, NY)
Smart Innovation Dr Gumbi Sibongile; Science to market consulting. 5 (Sandton, South Afr)
StratEDGY Stephanie Pride; Strategy, foresight, design, gaming. 10 (Wellington, NZ)
Strategic Foresight Group Sundeep Waslekar, Ilmas Futehally; Policy and scenarios. 1 (Washington, DC)
Strategic Futures Ron Gunn, Jennifer Thompson; Strat planning, matrix mgmt. 1 (Alexandria, VA)
Summon Slava Koslov; Innovation, foresight, product design. 3 (Eindhoven, NL)
Superflux Anab Jain; Design and foresight consultancy. 3,8 (UK, India)
Synovation Bruce Tow, David Gilliam; Foresight, problem solving, innov. 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Synthesys Strategic Consulting Hardin Tibbs; Foresight, sensemaking, strategy. 3 (London, UK)
The Futures Agency Gerd Leonhard; Foresight speaking, workshops, consulting. 3 (Basel, Switzerland)
Tomorrow Today Graeme Codrington; Foresight consulting, speaking. 3 (Richmond, UK)
TrendsDigest Maureen Rhemann; PA-based trend subscriptions. 1 (Houston, TX)
TRIZ & Engineering Training Jack Hipple; Structured idea generation and evaluation. 1 (Tampa, FL)
Urban Foresight David Beeton; Urban and industrial foresight and sustainblty. 1 (Newcastle, UK)
What’s Next Elina Hiltunen, Kari Hiltunen; Foresight consulting. 1 (Espoo, Finland)
Xland Michel Judkiewicz; Trend analysis, tech forecasting. 3 (Brussels, Belgium)

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