Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

S-T Leaders – One-Line Database

Paul Saffo
, Technology Forecaster, Educator, Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council (53)

Michel Saloff-Coste, Futurist, Dir, Int. Inst. for Future of Innovative Ecosystems, Catholic U. of Lille

Tamara Samoylova, Strategy Consultant, Head of Research, Deloitte Center for the Edge

Lawrence Samuel, Author, Founder, Culture Planning LLC, Future: A Recent History

Anders Sandberg, Futurist, Transhumanist, Research Fellow, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford U. (47)

Richard Sandford, Foresight, Education, Scenarios, Workshops, Principal, Northover Research

Christopher Sanderson, Trend forecasting, brand strategy, Co-Founder, Future Laboratory

Ziauddin Sardar, Cultural Commentator, Prof., Middlesex U, Editor, Futures, Future: All that Matters

Ozcan Saritas, Senior Research Fellow, Manchester Inst of Innovation Research, U Manchester

Amy Satterthwaite, Education Designer, Education Futures, Strategic Foresight, Blog

Cosmo Scharf, Co-Founder and CXO, Visionary VR, Co-Founder, VRLA.

Jason Schenker, Economist, Forecaster, President, Prestige Economics, Chairman, The Futurist Institute

Heather Schlegel, Visionary, Connector, Maven, Founder, Future of Money TV Series, Blog (68)

Laura Schlehuber, Actuarial and Human Resources Consultant, Human Capital, Ernst & Young

Jurgen Schmidhuber, Deep Learning and AI Pioneer, Director, Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA

Karl Schroeder, Foresight studies consultant, Narrative Future; Science fiction author (49)

Gray Scott, Futurist, Media Producer, Editorial Director, Serious Wonder

Reto Schneider, Head, Emerging Risk Management, Swiss Re

Frank Shaw, Business Strategist, Futurist, Foresight Director, Centre for Future Studies

Pamela McConathy Schied, Public Relations Strategy, Principal, Foresight Communications Group

Heather Schlegel, Professional Social Scientist, Visionary, Connector, The Future of Money (69)

Laura Schlehuber, Actuarial and HR Consultant, Ernst and Young, Senior Consultant, AndSpace

Stanley Schmidt, Physicist, Sci-Fi Author, Ed., Analog Science Fiction and Fact, The Coming Convergence

Natalie Schoch, Director, Trends and Knowledge Management, Kellogg Company

James Schofield, Projects Manager, Shell Strategy and Scenarios Team

Paul J.H. Schoemaker, Strategy and Leadership, Founder, Decision Strategies Internat’l, Peripheral Vision

Willi Schroll, Foresight Expert, Emerging Technology, Peacebuilding, Postconflict Development (58)

Wendy Schultz, Futurist, Emergentista, Director, Infinite Futures, Essential Visioning (60)

Peter Schwartz, Futurist, SVP, Govt Relations & Strat Planning, Salesforce, Fdr, GBN, Art of the Long View

Steve Seibert, Lawyer, Strategy and Innovation Consulting, Founding Partner, TriSect Innovates

Marci Segal, Creativity Expert, Futurist, Mgmt. Consultant, Developer, Passport to Innovation

Michael Senchuk, Business Modeling, Foresight, Manager, Planning & Analysis, Direct Energy

Hardy F. Schloer, Technology Foresight, Managing Director, Schloer Consulting Group

David Shambaugh, Political Scientist, Dir, China Policy Program, George Wash U, China’s Future?

Stephen Shapiro, Innovation Evangelist, Speaker, CEO, 24/7 Innovation, Best Practices are Stupid (78)

William Sherden, Mgmt Consultant, Prof., Internat’l Business School, Brandeis U., The Fortune Sellers

Michael Shermer, Author, Columnist, Exec. Director, the Skeptics Society, The Believing Brain (66)

Clay Shirky, Social Futurist, Prof, Journalism and Telecommunications, NYU, Here Comes Everybody (71)

Paul Shoemaker, Philanthropy Leadership, Executive Connector, Social Venture Partners (44)

Lee Shupp, Action-Oriented Futurist, Consultant, Executive VP, The Futures Company, Blog (50)

Eric Siegel, Founder, Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, Predictive Analytics, Blog

Peter Singer, Strategist, Senior Fellow, The New America Foundation, Wired for War (66)

Jason Silva, Filmmaker, Futurist, Philosopher, Conduit of Ideas, Shots of Awe (83)

Nate Silver, Statistician, Writer, Corr., ABC News, Editor, FiveThirtyEight, The Signal and the Noise (48)

Richard Slaughter, Educator, Scholar, Critical Futurist, Dir, Foresight Internat’l, Futures Beyond Dystopia

Larry Smarr, Prof, Computer Science, Dir, Calif. Inst. for Telecomm and Information Tech (CalIT2) (46)

John Smart, Foresight, Pres, Acceleration Studies Fdn, CEO, Foresight U, The Foresight Guide (52)

Vaclav Smil, Scientist, Energy, Environment and Public Policy Analyst, Energy Myths and Realities (56)

Carter V. Smith, Author, Accelerating Evolution of Integral Consciousness, at

Laurence Smith, Prof Geography, Earth, Space, and Planetary Sciences, UCLA, The World in 2050

Scott Smith, Foresight, Innovation, and Strategic Design, CEO, Changeist

Dave Snowden, Sensemaking, Knowledge Management, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge (61)

Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group, Host, Pivot Conference, What’s the Future of Business (85)

Cecily Sommers, ChangeMaker, Global Trends Analyst, Foresight & Innovation, Think Like a Futurist (56)

Masayoshi Son, CEO SoftBank Vision Fund. Internet billionaire, convinced Singularity will arrive by 2050.

Marcene Sonneborn, Tech Entrep Advising (Nano, Bio, IT), Prof. of Entrep. & Creativity, Syracuse U. (46)

Shannon Spanhake, Open Governance, Deputy Innovation Officer, City and County of San Francisco (42)

Frank Spencer, Foresight, Innovation, Strategic Design, Principal, Kedge (59)

Stephan Spencer, Life Coach, SEO and Internet Marketing Expert, Author, Geek Revolution (57)

Fred Spier, Anthropologist, Senior Lecturer in Big History, Big History and the Future of Humanity

Jim Spohrer, Service Science, Dir, Global University Programs, IBM (52)

Julie Steele, Futurist, Founder and CEO, The 3D Printer Experience, Board Chair, World Future Society

Alex Steffen, Long-Term Foresight, Planetary Futurist in Residence, IDEO, Worldchanging (63)

David Stehlik, PhD Candidate, DSL in Strategic Foresight, Adjunct MBA Professor, Regent University

Bruce Sterling, Sci-Fi Author, Futurist, Visionary-in-Residence, Art Ctr Coll of Design, Shaping Things

Mark Stevenson, Future Broker, Founder, Flow Associates, An Optimist’s Tour of the Future (50)

Oona Strathern, Writer, Speaker, Futurist, Dir, Zukunftsinstitut, A Brief History of the Future

James Strole, Co-Founder, People Unlimited; Director, Coalition for Radical Life Extension

Dan Sutera, President, Impact Enterprises, Founder, Impact Network (50)

David Suzuki, Zoologist, Science Broadcaster, Environmental Activist, The Legacy

Steen Svendsen, Partner, Futurist at Public Futures, Founder, House of Futures

Melanie Swan, Futurist, Technology Philosopher, MS Futures Group, DIYgenomics (43)

Jason Swanson, Emerging Fellow, Assoc. of Professional Futurists, Futurist and Strategist, PALCS

John Sweeney, Deputy Director, Center for Postnormal Policy and Futures Studies, East-West University

Mark Swilling, School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch U., Director, Sustainability Institute

Balint Szent-Miklosy, President, Futurific Inc., Foundation for Optimism, Editor, Futurific (29)

Rohit Talwar
, Global Futurist, Strategist, CEO, Fast Future, Transformation & Renewal in Fin. Services (61)

Joe Tankersley, Writer, Gentleman Futurist, Senior Writer and Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering (39)

Jaana Tapanainen, Project Manager, Senior Foresight Consultant, Z_punkt The Foresight Company

Ufuk Tarhan, Futurist, Economist, Founder of M-GEN Digital (72)

Don Tapscott, CEO, The Tapscott Group, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Grown Up Digital (85)

Phil Tate, Strategic Foresight Professional, Dir, Totara Strategic Consulting (42)

Astro Teller, COO, Google X, Entrepreneur, Scientist, Author, Exegesis

Paul Tero, Organizational Strategy Development, Principal Consultant, Dellium Advisory (46)

Philip Tetlock, Prof, U. CA Berkeley, Dir, Good Judgment Project, Expert Political Judgment

Hardin Tibbs, Principal Consultant, Synthesis Strategic Consulting, The Global Cyber Game

Mark Tietbohl, New Business Development, Services Group, Lowes Companies (43)

Steve Tobin, Economist, Scholar of Global Workforce Trends, Team Leader, International Labor Organization

Mariana Todorova, Analyst, Futurist, Strategist, Trend-Tracker, Asst. Prof., Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Natasha Todorovic, Trainer, Spiral Dynamics, Partner, NVC Consulting

Alvin Toffler, Futurist, Author, Founder, Toffler Associates, Revolutionary Wealth

Eric Topol, Med. Foresight, Prof. Genomics, Scripps Resrch Inst, The Creative Destruction of Medicine (68)

Anthony Townsend, Research Scientist, NYU Rudin Ctr for Transportation Policy and Mgmt, Smart Cities

Jim Trinka, Chief Learning Officer, Office of Info and Tech, US Dept of Veterans Affairs

Duncan Trussell, Actor, Stand-up Comic, Host, The Duncan Trussel Family Hour (72)

Patrick Tucker, Tech Editor, Defense One, Former Dir. Comm., World Future Soc, The Naked Future (63)

Catarina Tully, Strategic Foresight for Governments, Democracy 2.0; Director, From Over Here

Jon Turney, Science Writer, Editor, Lecturer, The Rough Guide to the Future (53)

Tim Tyler, Programmer, memetics and universal Darwinism scholar. Author, Memetics

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