Chapter 1. Introduction – Our Emerging Foresight Field

Primary Foresight Associations

Here are the main professional associations in our nascent field. They are ranked below by their current level of focus on professional foresight practice:

A few proprietary collaborative foresight platforms like Shaping Tomorrow, TechCast, and Wikistrat also deserve honorable mention here. They aren’t professional associations but they are accessible enough to practitioners who want to participate in them, and they do such good work that they are excellent places for on-the-job professional development.

All of these organizations deserve your support. Join the ones that most interest you, volunteer, donate, attend their conferences, post on their blogs, run for their open offices, do whatever kind of participation best fits your needs and abilities, but participate, don’t spectate. Primary foresight is still a small and emerging field, and it can greatly use your help.

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