Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

P-R Leaders – One-Line Database

Peter Padbury
, Director, Scanning and Foresight, Policy Horizons Canada

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Senior Consultant, Strategic Business Insights, The Distraction Addiction

Michael Parler, Chief of Strategy, Digital Engagement, Purple Rock Scissors (44)

David Passig, Futurist, Dir, Grad Prog, ICT Virtual Reality Lab, Bar Ilan U, Chair, FutureCode, 2048 (43)

Guillerimina Baena Paz, Prospectiva (Foresight), Prof. Political and Social Science, UNAM

Giorgio Pauletto, Technology, Strategy, and Foresight Advisor, State of Geneva (56)

Ian Pearson, Futurologist, Futurizon, Speaker, Sci-Fi Author, You Tomorrow (47)

Jonathan Peck, Management Consultant, Senior Futurist, President, Alternative Futures Associates

Barney Pell, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Technology Strategist, Co-Founder, CSO, LocoMobi (55)

Christophe Pelletier, Global Food and Agriculture Futurist, Future Harvests (55)

Hank Pellissier, Writer, Producer, Fundraiser, Director, Brighter Brains Insitute (61)

Christine Peterson, CEO, Health Activator, Co-Founder, Foresight Institute

Clifford Pickover, Polymath Editor, Inventor, Author, IBM Watson Research Ctr, The Math Book (72)

Ulf Pillkahn, Dir Trend Monitoring, Siemens, Zeppelin U., Using Trends & Scenarios for Strategy Devel.

Steven Pinker, Cognitive Scientist, Psychologist, and Linguist, The Better Angels of Our Nature (70)

Federico Pistono, Founder and CEO, Konoz, Futurist, Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK (61)

Graham Plaster, Defense Language and Nat Sec Ed Office, CEO, The Intelligence Community (53)

Roberto Poli, Research Professor, Trento U., Chair in Anticipatory Systems, UNESCO

Jason Pontin, Tech Foresight, CEO, Editor in Chief and Publisher, MIT Technology Review

Faith Popcorn, CEO, Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve, Singlearity (52)

Rafael Popper, Resrch Fellow, Manchester Inst. Innov. Research, CEO, Futures Diamond, Dir, iKnow, Blog

Alan Porter, Prof, Tech Policy and Assessment Center, Georgia Tech, Technology futures analysis

Virginia Postrel, Columnist, Editor, Curator, The Future and Its Enemies (68)

Nick Price, Creative Business Consultant, Design, UX, Futures Thinking, Dir, Of Things Immaterial

Stephanie Pride, Strategic Foresight, Principal Consultant, StratEDGY (42)

Matias Prieto, Trend Researcher, Planner, Storyteller, BMC Innovation Director,

Giulio Prisco, Physicist, Writer, Consultant, Reporter, KurzweilAI (41)


Yoel Raban
, Senior Research Fellow, Technology and Society Foresight, Tel Aviv U

Francis Rabuck, Technology Strategy Research Analyst, Visionary Communicator, Futurist

Wayne Radinsky, Software Design Engineer, Blue Fire Group, Founder, Boulder Future Salon (52)

Noah Raford, Dubai Futures Foundation, Advisor, Prime Minister’s Office, UAE, Blog (57)

Lee Rainie, Dir, Pew Research Ctr’s Internet and American Life Project, Networked (62)

Jose Ramos, Social Change Strategist, Dir, Action Foresight, Researcher, Leuphana Incubator, Blog

Venkatesh Rao, Consultant, Author, Tempo, Editor, Breaking Smart and Ribbon Farm Blogs

Howard Rasheed, Strat. Foresight, Ideation, Fdr, Inst for Innovation, Prof, U. N Carolina Wilmington (21)

Tom Rath, Bestselling Author, Senior Scientist and Advisor, Gallup, Strengths-Based Leadership (77)

Karl Rauscher, Strategic Advisor in IT Reliability and Security, Chief Archiect, IEEE Cyberspace Policy

Paul Graham Raven, Writer, Researcher, Critic, Doctoral Researcher in Infrastructure Futures

Doug Reeder, Innovation Consultant, Strategist, Futurist, Principal Innovation Consultant, Dell (45)

Byron Reese, CEO, Knowingly, Futurist, Historian, Technologist, Infinite Progress (46)

David Rejeski, Director, Science and Technology Innovation Program, Woodrow Wilson Int. Center

John Renesch, Founder, FutureShapers, The Great Growing Up

Roman Retzbach, CEO, Future Institute. Future Marketing and Management. Future Life

Howard Rheingold, Scholar of Cognition, Virtuality, Cooperation, and Community, Net Smart (82)

Maureen Rhemann, Senior Exec, Reperi Analysis Center, Senior Strategist, TrendsDigest

Virginia Richardson, Global Futurist, Strategist, Leadership Coach, Inst. for Leadership in Med, Regent U.

Matt Ridley, Journalist, Businessman, Politician, The Rational Optimist (62)

Jeremy Rifkin, Economist, President, Fdn on Economic Trends, Zero Marginal Cost Society, 2014 (59)

Gill Ringland, CEO, SAMI Consulting, Member, EU Forum on Forward Looking Activities, Scenario Planning

Craig Rispin, Bus. & Innov Foresight, Dir, Future Trends Group, Blog, How to Think Like a Futurist (47)

Alun Rhydderch, Dir, Horizon Scanning, and Co-Founder, School of International Futures

Rohan Roberts, Leader, Winchester School, Director, SciFest Dubai, Co-Founder, Intelligent Optimism

Sara Robinson, Futurist, Journalist, Consultant, Campaign for America’s Future (41)

Mihail Roco, Chair, US NSTC subcommittee on Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology (NSET)

Rene Rohrbeck, Org Change, Strategy, Innov, Foresight, Prof, Strategy, Aarhus U, Corporate Foresight

Joe Rogan, Standup Comedian, Future Skeptic, Host, Joe Rogan Experience (86)

Michael Rogers, Practical Futurist, MSNBC columnist, Previous NYT resident futurist

Josie Roman, Principal Strategist, Technologist, CMO, SeaLight Enterprises, Host LA Future Salon

Hilde Roothart, Author, Trend Researcher, Founder, Trendslator Trend Network

Alexander Rose, Project Manager, Problem Solver, Executive Director, Long Now Foundation

Hans Rosling, Prof. of International Health, Karolinska Inst, Chairman,, Global Health (72)

Fabrice Roubelat, Scenario Planner, Associate Professor, Grad School of Business, U Poitiers

Herb Rubenstein, Consultant, Attorney, Strat Planner, Sustainable Bus. Group, Leadership for Lawyers

Elizabeth Rudd, General Manager, Consultant, Strategic Foresight, Director, Milestone Learning

William Ruh, Vice President and Global Technology Director, General Electric (22)

Douglas Rushkoff, Media Theorist, Author, Codeevangelist, Codecademy, Present Shock (64)

Kevin Russell, Chief Design Officer, Foresight U; Executive Director, Serious Wonder Media

Rebecca Ryan, Resident futurist and economist, Alliance for Innovation, Live First, Work Second (49)

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