Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

M-O Leaders – One-Line Database

Kishore Mahbubani
, Author, Dean, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, The Great Convergence

Tim Mack, Org Foresight Consultant, Past President, World Future Society, Principal, AAI Foresight

Richard MacManus, Technology Blogger, Web 2.0 Analyst, Founder, ReadWriteWeb (62)

Spyros Madrikakis, Professor, INSEAD, Forecasting

John Mahaffie, Professional Futurist, Principal, Leading Futurists, Editor, Foresight Culture, Blog (44)

Frank Maletz, Futurist, Managing Partner, Crossroads Orthopedics, From hospital to healthspital.

Jeremy Mancuso, Foresight Strategist, Living Enterprise, Researcher, FERN

Christopher Manfredi, Analyst Relations Mgr, Wipro, Editor, Connext Strategies, Researcher, FERN, Blog

Aaron Maniam, Masters Student, Blavatnik School of Govt, Founding Dir, Centre for Strategic Futures

Farhad Manjoo, Writer, Editor, Technology Columnist, Slate, Wall Street Journal (85)

James Manyika, McKinsey Global Institute, San Francisco, Disruptive Technologies for 2025

Gary Marchant, Dir, Ctr for Law, Sci & Innov, Arizona State U, Governance of Emerging Technologies

Alfred Marcus, Professor, Strategic Mgmt and Org, Carlson SOM, U MN, Author, Strategic Foresight

Manuel Mari, Consultant in Political, Scientific and Technological Foresight, Ministry of Sciences, Argentina

Michael Marien, Futurist, Past Editor, Future Survey, Editor, Global Foresight Books, What I Have Learned

Oliver Markley, Visioning futurist, Prof. Emeritus, U. Houston Studies of the Future MS

Max Marmer, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Philosopher, Systems Architect, Founder, Startup Genome (41)

Gary Marx, Futurist, Leadership Counselor, Pres, Center for Public Outreach, Sixteen Trends

Ben R. Martin, Prof of Science and Tech Policy Studies, U. Sussex, Foresight in science and technology

Enrico Maset, Comm. Expert, Futurist, Strategic Foresighter for Innovation and Corporate Governance

Michael Mauboussin, Managing Director, Head of Global Financial Strategies, Credit Suisse (56)

John Mauldin, Owner, Mauldin Economics, Millennium Wave Investments, Code Red (56)

Martin Mayer, Strategist, Futures and Innovation Co-Founder, YouMeo

Oliver Markley, Visioning Foresight, Prof. Emeritus, U. Hoston Foresight, Visiting Fellow, NTU Singapore

Andrew Marshall, Foreign Policy Strategist, Director, Office of Net Assessment, US Dept of Defense

Jim Mathews, Technology Strategy, Emerging Tech Assessment, Lead Analyst, Market Intel Group (13)

Robert McChesney, Prof. of Communication, Dir, Center for Global Studies, U. IL, The Future of Media

Jane McGonigal, Creative Director, Avant Game, Reality is Broken (70)

Stephen McGrail, Research Fellow, Sustainable Cities, PhD Student, Sustainable Futures, Swinburne U.

Bill McKibben, Environmentalist, Journalist, Author, Leader,, Eaarth (84)

James McQuivey, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Digital Disruption (51)

Eric Meade, Visioning, Futuring, Planning, Executive Coaching, Futurist, Principal, Exponential Consulting

Carmen Medina, Former CIA analyst, Champion of Cognitive Diversity, co-Author, Rebels at Work

Bertalan Mesko, Medical Futurist, MD, PhD in Genomics. Author, Guide to the Future of Medicine 

Gil Meyer, Director, Global Issues Mgmt & Trend Analysis, DuPont

Pero Micic, CEO, FutureManagementGroup, Blog, The Five Futures Glasses (Eltville Model)

Venessa Miemis, Founder, Neurohacker Collective, Chief Creative, Emergent By Design, Blog (48)

Dana Mietzner, Prof, U. Applied Sciences Wildau, Advantages and disadvantages of scenarios

Ian Miles, Prof. of Technological Innovation and Social Change, Manchester Business School, Blog

Rex Miller, Workplace Design, Management Consultant and Thought Leader, mindSHIFT (42)

Riel Miller, Head of Foresight, UNESCO, Principal, XperidoX Futures Consulting (46)

Sam Miller, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship, Prof, Mendoza Coll. of Business, U. of Notre Dame

Jeffrey Millican, Information Analysis Professional, Intelligence SME, Leidos, CDR, US Navy Reserve

Stephen M. Millett, President, Futuring Associates, Managing the Future

Ivana Milojevic, Director, Metafuture, Visiting Professor, Tamkang University

Morris Miselowski, Business Futurist, Professional Speaker, Innovator, Media Commentator (43)

Ted Modis, Owner, Growth Dynamics and Management Consulting, Predictions

Francisco Jose Mojica, Director, Center for Strategic Foresight, Universidad Externado de Colombia

Christoph Möller, Trend Analyst, Technology Foresight, Startup Monitoring, TrendONE (43)

Hans Moravec, Transhumanist Futurist, Adjunct faculty, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon U., Robot

John Moravec, Education Futurist, Editor, EducationFutures, Knowmad Society (53)

Max More, Co-Founder, Extropy Institute, CEO, Alcor Life Extension Foundation

Jacob Morgan, Futurist, Podcaster, The Future of Work, The Employee Experience Advantage

Rowena Morrow, Innovation Leader, City of Boroondara, Dir, Prospective Services Consulting, Blog

Randall Moss, Digital Marketing Manager, ACCO Brands, The Future of Nonprofits

Nyewe Mphathi, Futurist, Management Consultant, Managing Director, Foresight Strategies

Nils Müller, CEO, Founder, Keynote Speaker, TrendONE

Chunka Mui, Author and Business Advisor, Digital Innovation Strategies, The New Killer Apps (53)

Elon Musk, Business Leader, Investor, Inventor, CEO, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Chairman, SolarCity (87)

Bernie Myerson, Physicist, VP of Innovation, IBM, Vice Chair, IBM Academy of Technology

Ramez Naam
, Computer Scientist, Speaker, Futurist, Science-Fiction Author, The Infinite Resource (73)

Andreas Neef, Managing Director, Z-punkt the Foresight Company

Max Nelson, Director, Market Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence, USAble Life

Ruben Nelson, Strategic Organizational Foresight, Executive Director, Foresight Canada

Bridgette Engeler Newbury, Design and Foresight Educator, Principal, Incognito Sum

Leah Newcomb, Lead Research Analyst, Consumer Research Innovation, Altria

Paul Newman, Prof of Information Engineering and Robotics, U Oxford, Founder, Oxbotica

John Naisbitt, Futurist, Trend Philosopher, Author, Megatrends

Mary Jane Naquin, Professional Facilitator, Organizational Development, Owner, Informed Futures

Nicholas Negroponte, Co-Founder, MIT Media Lab, Chairman, OLPC, Being Digital (51)

Frank Niele, Energy Scholar, Senior Research Scientist, Royal Dutch/Shell, Energy: Engine of Evolution

Ruben Nelson, Futurist, Strategic Foresight, Executive Director, Foresight Canada

Christian Neuhaus, Society and Tech Research Group, Daimler AG, Prof, Free University of Berlin

Anne Skare Nielsen, Chief Futurist, Founder, Future Navigator

Peter Norvig, Programmer, Designer, R&D Manager, Research Dir., Google, Artificial Intelligence, 3rd Ed.

Susan Sun Nunamaker, Engineer, Applied Mathematician, Editor and Producer, Sun is the Future

Paul Nunes, Managing Dir, Accenture Institute for High Performance, Jumping the S-Curve (22)

Thong Nguyen, Admin., Internt’l Peace Institute, Fellow, Carnegie Council, Of All Possible Future Worlds

Tim O’Reilly
, Technical Publisher, Conference Organizer, Venture Investor, CEO, O’Reilly Media (82)

Amy Oberg, Futurist, Strategist, Lean Lead Facilitator, Managing Partner, Future-In-Sight

Peter Odell, Energy Economist, Why Carbon Fuels Will Dominate the 21st Century Energy Economy

Karen Oettl, Innovation Pipeline, Brand Management, Innovation Director, Assurant

Jongchae Oh, Principal, Foresight Lead, Technology Planning Group, Samsung

Robert Olson, Technology Forecasting and Assessment, Senior Fellow, Institute for Alternative Futures

Erica Orange, Long-Term Trends Analysis and Mgmt Consulting, VP, Weiner, Edrich, and Brown

Fernando Ortega, President, Peruvian Foresight and Futures Studies Association

Steve Outing, Media Futurist, News Change Agent, Digital Media Consultant, Blog (60)

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