Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

Larger Primary Foresight Consultancies ($1M+ Revenues or 5+ Full-Time Employees)

Organizational foresight leaders and previous leaders (“prev.”) are listed below in bold, where known. Check LinkedIn Advanced Search, using org name and relevant foresight terms (strategy, foresight, forecasting, design, innovation, scenarios, etc.), org site search, (site:domainname searchstring) and general Google search to find current and past foresight leaders at each org. Use multiple negatives to eliminate urls or terms you don’t want, and use quotes to get exact phrases, like “strategic foresight” and “future of”.

Consultancy Foresight Leaders; Company Description Region (HQ)
AECOM Global leadership, innov., mgmt support for industry & govt. 1 (Los Angeles, CA)
AIR Worldwide Leaders in catastrophe, terrorism, risk, decision modeling. 1 (Boston, MA)
Arlington Institute John L. Petersen; Global foresight, new technologies, trying to influence rapid, positive change. 1 (Berkeley Springs, WV)
Arup Chris Luebkeman, Josef Hargrave; Engrg and consulting for built environment. 10,000 emps, 83 locations. 3 (London, UK)
Atmos Global Atmospheric, air quality, and climate change forecasting. 10(Melbourne,Austrla)
Austrian Institute of Technology Matthias Weber; Austria’s largest non-university tech and infrastructure research inst. “Tomorrow today.” 1,100 emps. 3 (Vienna, Austria)
BMC Innovation Strategic innovation & market research company. 150 emps 2 (BuenAires,Argentina)
Breakthrough Institute Modernizing environmentalism for the 21st century. 1 (Oakland, CA)
BrightIdea Ideation platform, software products for the idea lifecycle. 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Cambridge Leadership Associates Ron Heifetz, Alex Grashow, Marty Linsky; Developers of the Adaptive Leadership framework. Corp, govt, nonprofit clients. 1 (New York, NY)
CB Insights Market data on fintech, insuretech, edtech, digital health, clean tech, IoT, and mobile industries. 1 (New York, NY)
Cognitive Edge Education, networking and software for managing complexity. 10 (Singapore)
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies Ulrik Blinkenberg, Martin Kruse; Futures/foresight research for public and private orgs. 3 (Copenhagen, DM)
Datamonitor Broad based market research. Div. of Informa. 3 (Zug, Switzerland)
DB (Deutsche Bank) Rsrch Market and economic research, forecasts, services. 3 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Decision Analyst Market research, consumer panel, innovation services. 1 (Arlington, TX)
Decision Strategies International Leader in future-focused consulting.US,UK,France,Singapore 1 (Conshohocken, PA)
Deloitte Center for the Edge John Hagel, John Seely Brown; Foresight and leadership. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
Dent Research Harry Dent; Economic forecasting & investment research firm. 1(Delray Beach, FL)
Destree Institute Philippe Destatte, Marie-Anne Delaaut; Foresight, strategic policy and intelligence. 1 (Wallonnia, Brussels)
Discern Harry Blount; Big data analytics and foresight. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
Early Warning Financial fraud prevention and risk management foresight. 1 (Scottsdale, AZ)
Economic Cycle Research Inst Anirvan Banerji, Dir. of Research; Economic forecasting. 1 (New York, NY)
Economic Modeling Specialists International Turning labor and market data into models to understand the connection betwn economies, people, and work. 1 (Moscow, ID)
Economist Intelligence Unit Daniel Franklin; Forecasting, market intell. and advisory services. UK, US, HK. 3 (London, UK)
European Info Tech Observ and Bitkom Research Market research and stats on European ICT markets. 3 (Berlin, Germany)
Elder Research Leading data mining and predictive analytics firm. 1 (Charlottesville, VA)
Eurasia Group Ian Bremmer; World’s largest political risk consultancy. 1,3 (NY, London)
Finpro Trade, internationalization and investment development org. 3 (Helsinki, Finland)
Forecast International Aerospace, defense, electronics, power systems intelligence. 1 (Newtown, CT)
Foresight Science & Technology Phyl Speser; Product development and tech transfer services. 1 (Providence, RI)
Forrester Research James McQuivey. Global business and tech research and advisory firm. 1 (Cambridge, MA)
Forum for the Future Sustainable dev. org partnering with business, educ & govt. 3 (London UK) 1,3,8,10
Fraunhofer INT and ISI Kerstin Cuhls, Mgr, Foresight Research; Systemic analysis and foresight for innovation and security. ISI: 220 employees. 3 (Euskirchen and Karlsruhe, Germany)
Frost & Sullivan Market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting firm. 1 (Mountain View, CA)
Future Concept Lab Product dev, trends, forecasting, consumption research. 3 (Milan, Italy)
Future Foundation Chritophe Jouan, Meabh Quoirin; Trends consulting & resrch. 3 (London, UK)
Future Management Group AG Pero Micic; Futures research consulting firm. 3 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Future Navigator Anne Skare Nielsen, Lyselotte Lyngso; Foresight services. 3 (Copenhagen, DM)
Futures Group Global health consultancy and development company; Health forecasting. 1, 3 (Washington, DC; London, UK)
Futures Strategy Group Mgmt consultancy, scenario planning and strategic decision support. 1 (Glastonbury, CT)
FutureThink Lisa Bodell, Garry Golden; Innovation training & development. 1 (New York, NY)
Gallup Consulting Forward-thinking research, analytics, and mgmt consulting, global polling, publisher of Gallup Business Journal. 1 (Washington, DC)
Gartner Information technology research and advisory company. 1 (Stamford, CT)
Global Business Network Subsidiary of Monitor Deloitte that does scenario planning and strategic foresight.  Since 1987. Foresight leaders in the 1990s, now defunct. 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Global Intelligence Alliance Strategic market intelligence; research, analysis and advisory for decision making. 1, 2, 3, 7
Greenway Group James Cramer; Built environment strategy consulting. 1 (Norcross, GA)
io9/Gawker Media George Dvorsky, Annalee Newitz; Futurism and sci fi blog. 1 (New York, NY)
IBIS World BI, industry research and market analysis for Australia. 10 (Australia)
Iceberg Consulting IT-related services. 1 (Shakopee, MN)
IHS Economics & Country Risk Leaders in economic and risk forecasting. 1 (Englewood, CO)
Innovation Focus Christopher W. Miller, Anne Orban; PLM, innovation consulting. 1 (Lancaster, PA)
Innovation Framework Technologies Innovation and New Product Development mgmt software and consulting. 1 (New York, NY)
Idea Couture Strategic and applied innovation, design, and foresight. 1 (SF,CA, Toronto,ON)
Ideo Tim Brown, Dave Blakely; Leader in design consulting. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
IFOK Fiona Wollensack; Strategy, change mgmt, vision. 3 (Bensheim, DE)
Innosight Clay Christensen, Richard N. Foster; Innovation consulting. 1 (Lexington, MA)
Innovaro Chris Carbone; Innovation mgmt, trend and research services, social media monitoring. 1 (Tampa, FL)
Instat/MDR Reporting and forecasting on display-related industries. 1 (Santa Clara, CA)
Instit for Alternative Futures and Alt Futures Associates Clem Bezold, Jonathan Peck; Health care foresight, scanning, forecasting, wargaming, scenarios, change leadership. 1 (Alexandria, VA)
Institute for Futures Studies and Tech Assessment Foresight, technology assessment, sustainable development. Germany and global. 30 employees. 1 (Berlin, Germany)
Institute for Innovation and Trend Research Innovation, trends, knowledge management, training and consulting. 3 (Graz, Austria)
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Technology research and development studies in support of EU policy. A European Commission Joint Research Center. 3 (Seville Spain)
Institute for the Future Marina Gorbis, Bob Johansen; Leading foresight consultants, inventor of Delphi method, early dev. of cross-impact analysis 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
International Data Corp (IDC) IT market intelligence, research, analysis, and advisory. 1 (San Mateo, CA)
International Inst. for Applied Systems Analysis Global change and complexity research. Environment, economics, technology, and society. 1 (Laxenburg, Austria)
Inventta Bruno Moreira; Innovation, R&D, and fundraising services. 2 (Belo Horizonte,BR)
Ipsos InnoQuest Innovation Support, Product R&D, Market Resrch. 10,000 emps. 1 (New York, NY)
Kairos Future Ulf Boman, Mats Lindgren, Erik Herngren; Global foresight consulting research, trends, scenarios, strategy, innovation. 1 (Stockholm,Sweden)
Kauffman Foundation Leading US nonprofit advancing entrepreneurship. 1 (Kansas City, MO)
Kinetic Cafe Mathew Lincez; Innovation, strategic foresight, IT development 1 (Toronto, ON)
Kjaer Global Anne-Lise Kjaer; Trend management consultancy. 3 (London, UK)
Leadership Forum Liam Fahey; Leadership and foresight consulting. 1 (Durham, NC)
Long Now Foundation Stewart Brand, Alex Rose; Foundation fostering long-term thinking. 1 (SF, CA)
Magellis Consultants Nathalie Bassaler; Strategic foresight consultancy. 70 emps. 1 (Paris, France)
Maritz Mary Beth McEuen; HR, marketing, and behavioral consulting. 1 (St Louis, MO) Largest collection of online market intelligence.” 4 empls. 1 (Rockville, MD)
MG Rush Terrence Metz, Kevin Booth; Facilitation traing, scenario plng. 1 (Oak Brook, IL)
Monitor 360 Peter Schwartz; Sensemaking of global strategic & analytical challenges, serving governments, NGOs and companies. 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Nesta Jessica Bland, Stian Westlake; Nonprofit charity, building innovation capacity in UK. 1 (London, UK)
Nine AB Elin Rudberg; Brand and innovation consulting. 3 (Stockholm,Swedn)
Normann Partners Daniel Gronquist; Intl. consultancy on innovation, strategy and scenarios. 3 (Sweden, UK)
PA Consulting Group Global management, systems, innovation, and tech consulting. 70 yrs. Employees. 3 (London, UK)
Pattern Recognition Tech Oil and energy indistry; Load, price and demand forecasting. 1 (Plano, TX)
Prognos AG Analysis, projections and assessments for strategy and decision making in the waste management and energy industries. 3 (Germany)
PSFK Piers Fawkes; Trend, innovation, and market consulting. 1 (New York, NY)
Quid Software product for narrative analysis, technology and industry landscaping, trend analysis. 1 (San Francisco, CA)
Recorded Future Web intelligence and predictive analytics software products. 1, 3 (Cambridge, MA; Göteborg, Sweden)
Resonance Consultancy Chris Fair; Place branding for tourism, urban foresight. 1 (Vancouver, Canada; New York, NY)
RKS Design Research, strategy, design, communications, prototyping. 1 (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Roadmapping Technology Strategic roadmapping, product planning, and tech foresight.. 3 (UK)
Rocky Mountain Institute Amory Lovins; Sustainability research and consulting. 1 (Boulder, CO)
Samsung Econ Research Inst Sungho Lee, Korea’s largest private think tank. 100 resrchrs. 9 (Seoul, Korea)
Selectors Bruce Bueno de Mesquita; Game theory and prediction. 1 (New York, NY)
Shaping Tomorrow Strategic foresight, innovation, risk assessment, conversation and education. Crowdsourced global research. 3 (UK)
Singularity University Education programs, innovation labs for start-ups & cos. 1 (Moffett Field, CA)
SINTEF Rita Westvik; Largest independent contract research org in Scandinavia. Tech, medicine, social sciences. 3 (Trondheim,Norway)
Sitra Research and public funding for predicting and analysing social change and its impact on Finland. 3 (Helsinki, Finland)
Spigit James Gardner; Ideation platform, crowdsourcing software. 1 (Pleasanton, CA)
Strategic Business Insights Research and consulting on tech, consumer and bus. envir. 1 (Menlo Park, CA)
Stratfor George Friedman; Global security and intelligence foresight. 1 (Austin, TX)
SustainAbility Sustainability innovation consulting. Since 1987. 1,3 (NY, London, SF)
TechCast Global Bill Halal, Ari Palttala; Key technology foresight and strategy. 1 (Washington, DC)
Technology Futures John Vanston, Carrie Vanston; Technology and telecomm. forecasting, valuation, minitrend forecasting. 1 (Austin, TX)
Technopolis Group S&T, innovation, education, and development foresight. 3 (Brighton, UK)
The Futures Company Consulting (innovation, strategy, trends, etc.) and subscription monitoring services. 1, 2, 3, 10
The Millennium Project Jerome Glenn, Ted Gordon; Independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank. 1 (Washington, DC), 50 global nodes
Toffler Associates Deborah Westphal, CEO; Foresight consulting,transformation design approach 1 (Reston, VA)
Trajectory Foresight, forecasting, market analysis firm. 3 (London, UK)
Trendburo Matthias Horx; Oona Strathern; Future for local and provincial government, regional businesses and civil society orgs. 3 (Netherlands)
TrendONE Trend scouts, researchers, creative innovation consultants. 3 (Berlin, Germany)
Trendstop Apparel and fashion trend forecasting and analysis. 3 (London, UK)
Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente; Trends research and forecasting. 1 (Kingston, NY)
Trendwatching David Mattin; Global trend scanning services. 25 emps. 3 (London, UK)
TTI/Vanguard Conference organiser for members to explore emerging, potentially disruptive technologies and assess their impact on organizations, policy, and society. 5 annual meetings. 1 (Santa Monica, CA)
Weiner Edrich Brown Edie Weiner, Erica Orange; Workforce foresight consulting. 1 (New York, NY)
White Cliffs Consulting Josh Lindenger, Tech Trends Analyst; Defense & security. 1 (Columbia, MD)
Wikistrat A “massively multiplayer online consultancy (MMOC)”. 1 (Washington, DC) Machine learning as a service. Big data prediction platform. 1 (Berkeley, CA)
XPRIZE Peter Diamandis; Incentive Prizes for Innovation 1 (Los Angeles, CA)
Zogby International Polling and full service market research. Founded 1942. 1 (Utica, NY)
Z_punkt The Foresight Co. Cornelia Daheim; leading strategy and foresight consultancy, operating internationally and focusing on strategic future issues. 3 (Köln, Germany)
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