Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

Large Companies (500+ Employees) Doing Leading Foresight Work (non-Government, Defense, or Consulting)

Organizational foresight leaders and previous leaders (“prev.”) are listed below in bold, where known. Check LinkedIn Advanced Search, using org name and relevant foresight terms (strategy, foresight, forecasting, design, innovation, scenarios, etc.), org site search, (site:domainname searchstring) and general Google search to find current and past foresight leaders at each org. Use multiple negatives to eliminate urls or terms you don’t want, and use quotes to get exact phrases, like “strategic foresight” and “future of”.

For example, the search phrase [ “future of”], without the brackets, will let you search Apple’s big home site, removing the itunes rapper Future and their discussion forums from the results. You’ll find things where even the notoriously secretive Apple folks have said things publicly on the future, and contact sources as well.

Company Foresight Leaders; Company Description Region (HQ)
Adobe Karl Isaac; Multinational computer software company. 1 (San Jose, CA)
Altria Leah Newcomb; Multi-brand tobacco products company. 1 (Henrico Co, VA)
Amazon Jeff Bezos, CEO; World’s largest e-commerce co. Also in web services and electronics. 1 (Seattle, WA)
AMP Annalie Killian (prev.), Catalyst; Wealth management leader in Aus and NZ. 10 (Sydney, Australia)
Apple Tim Cook, CEO; Global consumer electronics and software company. 1 (Cupertino, CA)
Assurant Karen Oettl; Property, casualty, life, and health insurance. 1 (New York, NY)
BASF Aristobulo Loaiza. Largest chemical company in the world. 3 (Ludwigshafen, DE)
Beam Suntory Kevin George; Premium wines and spirits multinational. 1 (Deerfield, IL)
Bejing Genomics Inst Leading provider of sequencing to pharma and health care indust. 7 (Shenzhen, HK)
BMW Group Joseph Koester, Head of Customer Foresight; Automotive 3,1(Munich,DE,MV,CA)
Boise John Unger, Forecast Leader S&OP; Paper and packaging. 1 (Boise, ID)
Bosch Julia Bossman (prev.), Research; Global electronics & engrg conglomerate. 3 (Stuttgart, Germany)
BT (British Telecom) Jean-Marc Frangos, Innovation group; Global telecom provider. 3 (London, UK)
CEMEX Ireland Roger Gonzalez; Concrete products and construction. 3 (Dublin, Ireland)
CenterPoint Energy Natural gas distribution and fleet bi-fuel conversion leaders. 1 (Houston, TX)
Cision Ann Feeney; Information Retrieval Specialist; PR software. 1 (Chicago, IL)
Cisco Systems Dave Evans, Chief Futurist; Networking equipment. 1 (San Jose, CA)
Coca Cola Simon Clarke, Dir. of Forecasting, Coca Cola Co.; Food, Beverages 1 (Atlanta, GA)
Daimler Johann Jungwirth, Christian Neuhaus. Autos and financial services. 3 (Stuttgart, DE)
Danfoss Tom Kappel, Director of Strategy; Fluid control equip. 23,000 emps. 3 (Nordborg,Denmark)
Dell Doug Reeder; Multinational computer technology company. 1 (Round Rock, TX)
Deutsche Telekom Stefan Kohn; Telecommunications and mobile (T-Mobile) technology. 3 (Bonn, Germany)
Disney McKay Curtis, Joe Tankersley; Walt Disney Imagineering 1 (Orlando, Florida)
DuPont Gil Meyer, Dir, Global Issues & Trend Analysis; Chemicals 1 (Hayward, CA)
Ericsson Jorgen Wetterberg; Telecom & IT. Enabling the Networked Society. 3 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Facebook World’s leading online social networking and microblogging platform. 1 (Menlo Park, CA)
Ford Motor Co Sheryl Connelly, Dir, Global Trends; Automotive 1 (Detroit, MI)
Foxconn World’s largest electronics contract mfgr. and robotics user. 9 (Taipei, Taiwan)
General Electric Ian Miles, Willliam Ruh; American multinational conglomerate. 1 (Fairfield, CT)
General Motors Rick Holman; Multinational in vehicles and financial services. 1 (Detroit, MI)
Google Astro Teller, Sergey Brin, Google X; Internet-related services 1 (Mountain View, CA)
Hershey Lina Yang, Dir. Strategic Foresight; Chocolate manufacture 1 (Hershey, PA)
Hewlett Packard Wendy Hermelink, Customer Experience Architect; IT. 1 (Palo Alto,CA)
IBM John Kelley, Jim Spohrer, Bernie Myerson, Susan Puglia; IT and Consulting 1 (Armonk, NY)
Illumina Gene sequencing, genotyping, and gene expression leader. 1 (San Diego, CA)
Infosys Broda Hellmuth; Consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions. 3 (Basel, Switzerland)
Intel Brian David Johnson, Futurist; Microprocessors 1 (Santa Clara, CA)
Kellogg Natalie Schoch, Dir. of Trends and Knowledge Mgmt; Consumer food. 1 (San Jose, CA)
Korea Telecom Yongseok So, Korea Telecom Future Society Research; Mobile/LTE. 9 (Seoul, S. Korea)
Lego Group Lauge Valentin, Dir. of Forecasting; Toys, experiences, teaching. 3 (Billund, Denmark)
Lowes Mark Tietbohl; Retail Home Improvement and Appliances 1 (Mooresville, NC)
Lilydale Michael Senchuk, Mgr, Planning & Analysis; Consumer food. 1 (Edmonton, AB)
Longview Solutions Corporate performance mgmt, financial planning & forecasting. 1 (Markham, ON)
Marriott International Jamilya Kasymova, Mgr. Strat Projects & Forecasting; Hospitality 1 (Bethesda, MD)
McGraw Hill Educ. Maria Andersen (prev.), Learning and EdTech; Publishing, Games 1 (Columbus, OH)
Microsoft Global computer software, services, consumer electronics company. 1 (Redmond, WA)
NBCUniversal Charles Kennedy, VP, Research & Insights; Television Network 1 (New York, NY)
Netflix Reed Hastings, CEO; World’s leading internet television network. 1 (Los Gatos, CA)
Nike Multinational making and selling footwear, apparel, accessories. 1 (Beaverton, OR)
PepsiCo Manoj Fenelon, Pamela Forbus; US Multinational food and beverage. 1 (Purchase, NY)
Philips Marco Bevolo, Urban Futures; Consumer & Industrial Electronics 3 (Amsterdam, NL)
Pitney Bowes Wayne Pethrick (prev.), Innovation Group; B2B Doc Automation; 16K emps 1 (Stamford, CT)
Premier Oil Henry Miriam, Strategy and Planning Analyst; Oil & gas. 3 (London UK)
Procter & Gamble Laurie Heltsley; US multinational consumer goods company. 1 (Cincinnati, OH)
Rocket Internet e-Commerce focused VC and startup incubator. In 50 countries. 3 (Berlin, Germany)
SAIC & Leidos Hannah Johnson; SAIC Gaming Center. Employee owned contractor. Supports DNI/NIC Global Trends. 1 (McLean, VA)
Samsung Jongchae (Jeff) Oh, Futures Researcher; Consumer electronics. 1 (Seoul, South Korea)
SAS Udo Sglavo, Michael Gilliland; Stats, analytics, biz intell. software. 1 (Cary, NC)
Saudi Aramco Thomas Hogan, HR Analyst; Oil and natural gas production. 4 (Dhahran,SdArabia)
Shell Global James Schofield, Scenarios Group; Energy 3 (Hague,Netherlands)
Siemens Ulf Pillkahn, Strategic Foresight; Electronics & engrg conglomerate. 3 (Munich, Germany)
Statefarm Todd Binion; Insurance and financial services company. 1 (Bloomington, IL)
Swiss Re Reto Schneider, Head, Emerging Risk Mgmt; Reinsurance 3 (Zurich, Switzerland)
Tesla Motors Elon Musk, CEO; Electric vehicles and electric powertrain components. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
Timken Company Mark Fibranz; Prog Dev Manager; Global steel & bearing manufactuer. 1 (St. Louis, MI)
WGSN Apparel, interior, and consumer product trend forecasting. 2 (London, UK)
WME Innovative global media talent, entertainment and literary agency. 1 (Beverly Hills, CA)
Xiaomi Consumer electronics. Global leader in android smartphones. 7 (Beijing, China)

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