Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

K-L Leaders – One-Line Database 

James Kadtke, Consultant on Federal Relations, Business Development, Defense and Technology Policy

Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist, Behavioral Economist, Cognitive Bias Scholar, Thinking, Fast and Slow

Panu Kause, Founder and CEO, Necorpoint, makers of trend tracking and strategic foresight tool FIBRES

Arjen Kamphuis, Technology Strategist, IT architect, Futurist, CTO,

Jari Kaivo-oja, Research Director, Finland Futures Research Centre, U. Turku

Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist, Famed Futurist, Physics of the Future (83)

Alex Karp, CEO and Co-Founder, Palantir

Mimi Katzenbach, Visionary Sustainability Practitioner, Creative Director, Show Up! Productions

Morgan D. Kauffman, Systems Thinker, Futurist, Policy Analyst, Director, The Interlock Project

Walter Kehl, Computer Scientist, Project Manager, Strategic Foresight, Hexagon Technology Center

Anita Sykes-Kelleher, Strategic Foresight and Planning Specialist, Principal, Designer Futures

Eamonn Kelly, Futurist, Speaker, Change Agent, Dir, Deloitte Consulting, Powerful Times

Kevin Kelly, Author, Owner, Cool Tools, Founding Editor, Wired, The Inevitable (74)

Charles Kennedy, Executive VP, Research and Insights, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Group

Ayesha Khanna, Technology and Smart Cities Expert, CEO, Urban Intel, Hybrid Reality (42)

Parag Khanna, Geo-strategist, Dir, Global Governance Init., New America Fdn, How to Run the World (57)

Art Kleiner, Editor-in-Chief, Strategy+Business, Professor, NY University Interactive Telecom Program

Annalie Killian, Executive Producer, Amplify Festival, Director of Innovation, AMP (59)

Tony Kim, Chair, Design Management, Director, Future Design Lab, IDAS, Hongik University

Rita King, EVP, Business Dev, Science House, Futurist, Science and Entertainment Exchange, NAS (63)

Anna Lise Kjaer, Global Futurist, Visionary, Goodwill Ambassador, Kjaer Global, Imagining the Future

Alex Klokus, Life Enthusiast, Minimalist, Futurist, Tech Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, (32)

William Knoke, Futurist, Founder, Harvard Capital Group, Author, Bold New World

April Koury, Future Trends Research, Scanning, Social Media, Senior Analyst, AndSpace Consulting

Stefan Kohn, Innovation Manager, Portfolio Manager, Deutsche Telekom

Pauli Komonen, Researcher, Trend Analyst, 15/30 Research, Co-Founder, Futures Specialists Helsinki (46)

Minna Koskelo, Business Designer, Alt. Futures Specialist, Co-Founder Futures Specialists Helsinki (26)

Daniel Kraft, Physician, Scientist, Stanford Medical School, Faculty Singularity U (72)

Franziska Krauskopf, Junior Innovation Advisor, Trend Evaluation and Ideation, TrendONE

Andrew Krepinevich, Defense Analyst, Pres, Ctr for Strat. & Budgetary Assessments, 7 Deadly Scenarios

Raina Kumra, Digital Design and Strategy, Affordable Internet, CEO, Juggernaut, Co-Founder, Mavin.

Ray Kurzweil, Author, Inventor, Futurist, Dir of Engineering, Google, The Singularity is Near (64)

Tuomo Kuosa, Strategic Foresight Expert, AlternativeFutures, The Evolution of Strategic Foresight

Roland Kupers, Complexity, Resilience, Fellow, U. Oxford, Enterprise & Envir, The Essence of Scenarios

Jayar La Fontaine, Design, Cognitive Science, Foresight Strategist, Idea Couture (38)

Marv Langston, Principal, Langston Associates. Former Deputy CIO, DoD, DARPA Office Mgr.

Gitte Larsen, Foresight, Corporate Comm., Leadership, Owner, Editions, CEO, House of Futures (15)

Cadell Last, Evolutionary Anthropologist, PhD Student, VUB, Blogger, The Huffington Post

Judith Leavitt, Strategic Planning, Market Research, Strategic Intelligence Manager, Rockwell Collins

Edward Ashford Lee, Professor of Electrical Engrg and Comp. Sci, UC Berkeley, Plato and the Nerd

James Lee, Investment Advisor, Futurist, Financial Analyst, Founder, StratFI

Michael Lee, Futurist, Founder, Institute of Futurology, Codebreaking Our Future

Graham Leicester, Entrepreneur, Leader, Director, International Futures Forum

Eugen Leitl, System Architect, InfoChem GmbH, Founder, AtiVel

Scott C. Lemon, Software Engineer, Systems Architect, Technology Researcher, Founder, Wovyn

Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Founder, The Future of Content (71)

Lawrence Lessig, Legal Scholar and Activist, Dir, Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard U, Republic, Lost (88)

Zhan Li, Narrative, Strategy, Scenarios & Org. Communication Specialist, PhD Student, USC (52)

Alex Lightman, Technology Innovator, Futurist, Chairman, GINET, Brave New Unwired World (74)

Mathew Lincez, Principal and Co-Head of Insight and Foresight, Kinetic Cafe

Josh Lindenger, Engineer, Computer Scientist, Analyst, Futurist, Trends Analyst, Novetta Solutions (30)

Bruce Lloyd, Organizational Development, Emeritus Prof. of Strategic Mgmt, London South Bank U (34)

June Lo, Risk Management, Strategic Foresight Research Contributor, ShapingTomorrow

Aristobulo Loaiza, Corporate Strategy Development, Senior Market Intelligence Analyst, BASF

Jeanne Lombardo, Writer, Editor, Coach, Co-Dir, Center for Future Consciousness

Thomas Lombardo, Co-Dir, Ctr for Future Consciousness, Author, Contemporary Futurist Thought, Blog

Bjorn Lomborg, Copen. Bus. Schl, Pres., Copenhagen Consensus Ctr, The Skeptical Environmentalist (63)

Amory Lovins, Physicist, Envir. Scientist, Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute, Reinventing Fire (53)

Chris Luebkeman, Global Director, Foresight, Research, and Innovation, Arup

Richard Lum, Foresight development, Strategy, Planning, CEO, Vision Foresight Strategy (40)

Tricia Lustig, Strategy & Leadership Consultant, CEO, LASA Development UK, Author, Strategic Foresight

Mark Lynas, Author, Environmentalist, Climate Campaigner, Six Degrees (61)

Kenneth Lyngaas, Visionary Entrepreneur, Sustainable Fashion Designer, Creative Dir., Buddha Jeans (19)

Liselotte Lyngso,  Idea Devel., Innovation, Futurist Consultant, CEO, (40)