Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

International, Governmental and Defense Agencies Notable for Foresight Work

Organizational foresight leaders and previous leaders (“prev.”) are listed below in bold, where known. Check LinkedIn Advanced Search, using org name and relevant foresight terms (strategy, foresight, forecasting, design, innovation, scenarios, etc.), org site search, (site:domainname searchstring) and general Google search to find current and past foresight leaders at each org. Use multiple negatives to eliminate urls or terms you don’t want, and use quotes to get exact phrases, like “strategic foresight” and “future of”.

Organization Foresight Leaders; Org Description Region (HQ)
APEC (Asia Pacific Econ Coop) Economy, tech, social, educ. devel. for Asia-Pacific region. 10 (Singapore)
Argonne National Laboratory Science and engg national research lab, Dept of Energy. 1 (DuPage County, IL)
Brookhaven National Laboratory Physics research lab, Dept of Energy. 1 (Upton, NY)
Center for Naval Analysis Non-profit US research org. that operates the Center for Naval Analyses and Institute for Public Research. 1 (Alexandria, VA)
Center for Strategy and Technology Air Force’s primary long-range futures group. 1 (Montgomery, AL)
Central Intelligence Agency US national intelligence agency. 1 (Washington, DC)
CORDIS (Community Research and Development Info Services) EU’s primary public repository of info on all EU-funded research. Includes 25 years of ICT and other research. 3 (Brussels, Belgium)
DARPA DoD’s primary center for anticipating and making technological surprise. 1 (Arlington, VA)
Defense Intelligence Agency Major producer of military intelligence for US DoD. 1 (USA)
Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Canada’s national defence, security science and technology development centers. 1 (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Ecostat Gaspar Tamas; Research arm of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office. 3 (Budapest, Hungary)
European Commission’s European Foresight Platform Susanne Giesecke; A foresight network building program supported by the European Commission. 3 (Vienna, Austria)
Federal Bureau of Investigation Intel-driven national security and law enforcement agency. 1 (Washington, DC)
Federal Emergency Mgmt. Agency Strategic Foresight Initiative. US Disaster management. 1 (Washington, DC)
Finland Parliament Committee for the Future Foresight research, advising lawmakers on tech assessment, development, and social effects. 3 (Helsinki, Finland)
Fiocruz (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) Simone Alencar; Largest think tank for health science and tech in Latin Amer. In Brazilian Ministry of Public Health. 1 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Government Accountability Office Investigates and audits US federal funds spending. 1 (Washington, DC)
Horizon Scanning Centre UK government’s strategic foresight centre. 1 (London, UK)
Institute for Defense Analyses DoD think tank and FFRDC administrator. 1 (Alexandria, VA)
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies Technology research and development studies in support of EU policy. European Commission Joint Research Ctr. 3 (Seville Spain)
International Monetary Fund UN agency for monetary cooperation, economic stability. 1 (Washington, DC)
International Relations and Security Network Advancing and open sourcing IR and security studies for professionals and students. 3 (Zurich, Switzerland)
Lawrence Livermore National Lab Science and tech R& for defense and security, US DOE. 1 (Livermore, CA)
Los Alamos National Lab Science and tech development and application for national security and energy challenges, US Dept of Energy. 1 (Los Alamos, NM)
Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Research studies on industry, economics,trade, S&T, for development of Japan. 9 (Tokyo, Japan)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin Global weather, climate and fisheries forecasting and monitoring. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Counter Terrorism Ctr Joint national operational planning & intelligence agency. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Energy Technology Lab R&D ofc for the US Dept of Energy’s Ofc of Fossil Energy. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Intelligence Council Matthew Burrows; Producer of 20-year foresight reports. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Renewable Energy Lab Renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D, focus on PV research, Dept of Energy. 1 (Golden, CO)
National Science Foundation Main US funding source for academic scientific R&D. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Security Agency US defense agency focused on codemaking, codebreaking, cryptology, cyber security. 1 (Washington, DC)
Naval Research Laboratory Corporate research lab for US Navy and Marine Corps. 1 (Washington, DC)
National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) Advisory to Japanese government’s science and technology policy-planning process, science and technology foresight. 9 (Tokyo, Japan)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Materials, neutron science, energy, computing, systems biology and national security research, US Dept of Energy. 1 (Oak Ridge, TN)
OECD (Org for Econ Coop & Devel) Pierre-Alan Scheib, Head, Futures Projects. 3 (Paris, France)
Office of Naval Research (ONR) US Navy’s primary center for anticipating and making technological surprise. 1 (Arlington, VA)
Office of Technology Assessment Tech assessment, risk, knowledge mgmt. German govt. 3 (Berlin, Germany)
Policy Horizons Canada Supports medium-term policy dev. by the govt of Canada. 1 (Ottawa, Canada)
Sandia National Labs US Dept of Energy contractor, owned by Lockheed Martin Corporation. National security and innovation lab. 1 (Albuquerque, NM; Livermore, CA)
Singapore Strategic Policy Office and Center for Strategic Futures Cheryl Chung; govt strategy planning and think tank for emerging issues with a potential impact on government. 10 (Singapore)
UK Dept for Business, Innov, Skills Innovation, higher education, comp. regulatory reform. 3 (London, UK)
UK Foresight Programme Foresight projects, policy futures projects, and horizon scanning centre. Advising govt. since 1994. 3 (London, UK)
UK Technology Strategy Board Promoting innovation in UK technology companies. 3 (Swindon, UK)
UNESCO Bureau of Strategic Planning focuses on Anticipation and Foresight through the Foresight Programme. 3 (Paris, France)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) The UNEP Foresight Process studies emerging environment issues. 1 (New York, NY)
United Nations Industrial Development Org (UNIDO) Building industrial policies & productivity in developing nations. 3 (Vienna, Austria)
US Air Force Peter Garretson, John Geis; 1 (Washington, DC)
US Department of Defense Main US national security and armed forces exec. dept. 1 (Arlington, VA)
US Department of Veterans Affairs Jim Trinka. US department for benefits to military veterans. 1 (Washington, DC)
US Census Bureau People, household, business, industry, geography stats. 1 (Washington, DC)
US National Academies US development studies in science, engrg, medicine.
US Navy, 30 Year Strategic Plan and CNO Strategic Studies Group  Dale Moore, James Wisecup; Forseeing revolutionary naval warfare concepts that will upset the existing order. 1 (Newport, RI)
White House Office of Science and Tech Policy (OSTP) Scientific and technological advisory to the President and the Executive Office of the President. 1 (Washington, DC)
White House Office of Social Innovation & Civic Particip (OSICP) Promoting civil participation, bottom up solutions in US policy making. 1 (Washington, DC)
World Bank Poverty reduction, income growth for bottom 40% of pop. 1 (Washington, DC)
World Economic Forum Internatl inst. improving the world via public-private coop. 3 (Geneva, Switzerlnd)

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