Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

H-J Leaders – One-Line Database

Mike Haberman, HR Consultant, Omega HR, Advisor, Instructor, Future Friday Posts

John Hagel, Management Consultant, Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge, The Power of Pull (78)

Thomas Hainlin, Investment Strategist, Ascent Private Capital, US Bank, From Headlines to Trendlines

William Halal, Prof. Emeritus, Science, Tech, & Innovation, GWU, Dir,, Technology’s Promise

Trevor Haldenby, Interactive Producer, Design Consultant and Futurist, The Mission Business (49)

Diane F. Halpern, Prof. of Psychology, Claremont McKenna, Past Pres., APA, Thought and Knowledge

Gary Hamel, Business Strategist, Dir, The Management Lab, The Future of Management (59)

Joe Hanson, Science Writer, YouTube Educator, Addicted to Wonder, Host, It’s Okay to Be Smart

Rene Hamel, Forensic Technologist, Director, Forensics and E-Discovery, TELUS Communications

Ben Hammersley, Applied Futurist, Principal, Hammersley Futures, Cybercrimes w/ Ben Hammersley (82)

Robin Hanson, Transhumanist, Prof. of Economics, George Mason U, Chief Sci, Consensus Point

Josef Hargrave, Senior Foresight, Research, and Innovation, Arup

Bob Harrison, Management Fellow, Executive Development and Foresight, CA POST Command College

Demis Hassabis, CEO Google DeepMind, leading deep learning machine intelligence developer.

Paul Hawken, Sustainability Foresight, Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author, Blessed Unrest

Peter Hayward, Foresight Educator, Dir, MS Strategic Foresight, Swinburne U, Prospective Services, Blog

Louisa Heinrich, Speaker, Designer, Digital Strategist, Founder, Superhuman (53)

Alireza Hejazi, Strategic Foresight TA, PhD Candidate in Organizational Leadership, Regent U.

Dirk Helbing, Physicist, Sociologist, Director, Living Earth Simulator Project

James Hendler, Dir, Computer Science Dept, Inst for Data Exploration & Applications, RPI.

Matthew Henry, Dean of Innovation Education and CIO, LeTourneau University

Erik Herngren, Strategic Foresight, Managing Director, Senior Partner, Kairos Future

Angus Hervey, Environmental economist, Co-Founder, Future Crunch, Mgr, Random Hacks of Kindness

Glen Hiemstra, CEO and Founder,, Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Blog

Alireza Hejazi, PhD Candidate, Organizational Leadership, Founder, Futures Discovery, Pubs

Laurie Heltsley, Enterprise Collaboration, Dir, Innovation and Strategic Projects, Procter & Gamble

Hazel Henderson, Economist and Futurist, Dir, Ethical Markets, Ethical Markets

Ali Taghizadeh Herat, Operations Research, Strategic Planning, Foresight, Assistant Professor, PIAU

Francis Heylighen, Prof, VUB, Fdr, Principia Cybernetica, Global Brain Institute, The Evol of Complexity

Tanja Hichert, Scenario Planning, Senior Research Assoc., Inst. for Futures Research, Stellenbosch U. (43)

Dan Hill, Executive Director of Futures, Future Cities Catapult (67)

Paul Higgins, Foresight, Strategy, Presentations, Owner, Emergent Futures (55)

Elina Hiltunen, Weak Signals Foresight, Executive in Residence, Aalto U, Foresight and Innovation

Kari Hiltunen, Senior Mgr, Corporate Business Development, Nokia, Technolife 2035

Andy Hines, Prof, U. Houston MS in Futures Studies, Principal, Hinesite, Blog, Thinking About the Future

Jack Hipple, Principal, TRIZ Consulting; Board, American Institute of Chem. Engrs, The Ideal Result

Anthony Hodgson, Dir. of Research, Educ. Futures, Modelling Coordinator, International Futures Forum

Geert Hofstede, Social Psychologist, Founder, ITIM International, Co-Author, Cutures and Organizations

Gert Jan Hofstede, Global Cultural Foresight, Prof, Wageningen U, Co-Author, Cutures and Organizations

Caroline Holley, Adjunct Faculty, Futures Forecasting in International Politics, U. at Buffalo.

Rick Holman, Innovation, IT Trends and Strategies, Manager, Global Trends Network, General Motors

Adrian Hon, Writer, Game Designer, CEO, Six to Start, A History of the Future in 100 Objects (56)

Averil Horton, Head of Bus Development & Innovation, Brunel U, A simple guide to successful foresight.

Neil Houghton, Foresight, Strategy, Leadership, Innovation, Senior Partner, The Holos Group, Blog (45)

Mara Der Hovanesian, Journalist and Senior Research Analyst, Vontobel Asset Management.

John Horgan, Science Journalist, Dir, Center for Science Writings, Stevens Inst. Tech, The End of War (51)

Matthias Horx, Journalist, Futurist, Dir, The Future Institute, The Megatrend Principle

David Houle, Future Thinker, Strategist, David Houle & Associates, Entering the Shift Age (52)

Jeremy Howard, Machine Learning, Past President, Kaggle, Faculty, Singularity U, CEO, Enlitic

Neil Howe, Economist, Demographer, Founder and President, Saeculum Research, LifeCourse Associates

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Social thinker, Visionary, Activist, Fdn for Conscious Evolution, Emergence (60)

Barry Hughes, Prof, U. Denver, Dir, Ctr for Internat’l Futures, Exploring & Shaping International Futures

James Hughes, Dir, Inst. Research and Planning, Trinity College, Exec. Dir, IEET, Citizen Cyborg

Tane Hunter, Bioinformatics and Cancer Research, Co-Founder, Future Crunch

Sohail Inayatullah, Prof., Tamkang U., U. of the Sunshine Coast, Macquarie U, Dir,, Pubs

Lucy Ingham, Editor, Prog. Digital Media Grp, Factor Magazine (Consumer Tech, Science, and the Future)

Karl Isaac, Marketing, Digital Strategy, Head of Brand Strategy and Innovation, Adobe (47)

Salim Ismail, Global Ambassador, Founding Exec Director, Singularity U, Exponential Organizations (62)

John A. Jackson, Consultant, Past Pres., Police Futurists Intnat’l, Sergeant, Houston Police Dept.

Michael Jackson, Strat. Foresight, Chg Mgmt, Ambassador, Shaping Tomorrow, Practical Foresight Guide

Anab Jain, Future-Facing Collaborative Design, Founder, Director, Superflux (58)

Jennifer Jarratt, Foresight Professional, Owner, Leading Futurists (46)

David Jarvis, Strategic Foresight Specialist, Manager, IBM Ctr for Applied Insights

Dominique Jaurola, Technology Business Designer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Hunome (49)

Lyn Jeffery, Emerging Technologies, Cultural Change, Research Director, Institute for the Future

Henry Jenkins, Provost’s Professor of Communication, Journalism, Education, Cinematic Arts, USC (81)

Carl Jensen, Prof. of Criminal Justice, Director, Center for Intelligence and Security Studies, U. Mississippi

Jason Jerald, VR futurist, Cofounder, NextGen Interactions; Prof, Waterford Inst of Tech, The VR Book

Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Consumer Experience Architect, Intel, Science Fiction Prototyping (60)

Hannah Johnson, Policy Analyst, SAIC’s Gaming Center, simulating intelligence and business futures.

Steven Johnson, Popular Science Author and Media Theorist, Future Perfect (78)

Deborah Johnson, Ethical, Social, and Policy Implications of IT and Technology, Professor, U. Virginia

Christopher Jones, Global Futurist, Author, Faculty, School of Public Policy, Walden U

Adam Jorlen, Futurist, Innovation Strategist, Entrepreneur, Fdr, Superhero Spaces, Co-Founder, Enkel

Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist, Founder, MJ Analytics, Health 2.0 London (63)

Johann Jungwirth, R&D Management, President and CEO, Mercedes-Benz R&D NA

Steve Jurvetson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson (80)

Mark Justman, Market Research, Partner, Foresight Alliance

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