Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

Foresight Specialty and Industry Membership Associations and Networks

Organizational foresight leaders and previous leaders (“prev.”) are listed below in bold, where known. Check LinkedIn Advanced Search, using org name and relevant foresight terms (strategy, foresight, forecasting, design, innovation, scenarios, etc.), org site search, (site:domainname searchstring) and general Google search to find current and past foresight leaders at each org. Use multiple negatives to eliminate urls or terms you don’t want, and use quotes to get exact phrases, like “strategic foresight” and “future of”.

Association Foresight Leaders; Assn Description Region (HQ)
Foresight Specialty – Membership Assns
AIGA: The Professional Assn for Design Advancing product, service, and environmental design. 1 (USA)
American Assn of Individual Investors Improving saving, financial planning, asset mgmt skills. 1 (USA)
American Bar Association Improving legal specialty practice and rule of law. 1 (USA)
American Creativity Association Creativity, prob solving, ideation theory, methods. 1 (USA)
American Insurance Association Leading trade association for big insurance providers. 1 (USA)
American Management Association Training in leadership, analysis, comm, IT, mktg, sales, PR, HR, finance, & project mgmt. 1 (USA)
American Marketing Association Leading assn advancing marketing theory and practice. 1 (USA)
American Planning Association Improving practice of urban and regional planning. 1 (USA)
American Society for Quality Quality and lean six sigma methods, tools, principles. 1 (USA)
American Society for Training and Development Leading assn for workplace training, employee learning & development (L&D) programs 1 (USA)
Association for Strategic Planning Strategy and planning devel. and deployment for business, nonprofits, and government. 1 (USA)
Association of Change Management Professionals Facilitating methods and training for individual and organizational feedback and change. 1 (USA)
Association of Professional Futurists Newest professional foresight practice assn. 1 (USA)
Balanced Scorecard Institute Perf. measurement and balanced scorecard certs. Partner w/ Assn for Strategic Planning. 1 (USA)
Benchmarking Network Determining best practices for the firm by reviewing the competitive environment. 1 (USA)
CFA Institute Global assoc. of 120K chartered investment professnls. 1 (USA)
Chartered Institute of Personnel & Devel. Wilson Wong; Building HR, talent, and org. developmnt. 3 (London, UK)
Collective Intelligence Academic Community Beth Noveck; Platforms, HCI, crowdsourcing, solving, funding, founding, group dynamics. 1 (New York, NY)
Digital Analytics Association Jim Sterne; Digital Analytics, eMetrics Marketing, and Text Analytics conferences. 1 (USA)
European Working Group on Decision Support Systems Modeling, expert systems, data vis., GIS, collaborative decisionmaking and support.. 3 (Leeds, UK)
Foresight Institute Christine Peterson; Nanotechnology, AI, and abundance. 1 (Palo Alto, CA)
Foresight University John Smart; Foresight training, entrepreneurship support, and retreats. 1 (Los Gatos, CA)
Founder Institute Helping founders to do internal or external startups. 1 (USA)
Institute for Operations Research & Mgmt Sciences (INFORMS) Operations resrch, mgmt sciences, data analytics. 1 (USA)
International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Group processes, consensus facilitation, conflict resolution, KM. Certifications. 1 (Toronto, Canada)
International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis Interdisciplinary research on envir., econ., tech., and social systems and global change. 3 (Laxenburg, Austria)
International Institute of Forecasters Advancing quantitative and judgmental forecasting. 1 (USA)
International Leadership Association Developing leadership and change mgmt practices. 1 (USA)
Internat’l Society for Professional Innovation Mgmt (ISPIM) Researchers, industrialists, institutions, and consultants in innovation management. 3 (UK)
Institute of Internal Auditors Assessing whether internal accounting and metrics are useful and accurate. 1 (USA)
Institute of Management Accountants Cost acct, financial planning, decision support, BI skills. 1 (USA)
Intrapreneurship Conference An oft-neglected skill for large firms, self-funded accelerators, startups and spinouts. 1 (USA)
Issue Management Council Advancing the emerging discipline of issue management. 1 (USA)
KPI Institute Performance management best practices, including Benchmarking, KPIs, and OKRs. 1 (USA)
National Association of Sales Professionals Certification and training in sales trends, strategies, and customer acquisition techniques. 1 (USA)
National Customer Service Association Best practices in customer service and satisfaction development. 1 (USA)
National Federation of Indep. Business Advocacy for small business owners in the US. 1 (USA)
National Speakers Association Professional speaker business and skill development. 1 (USA)
National Venture Capital Association Global events and platforms for entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists 1 (USA)
North American Simulation and Gaming Association Physical and digital “serious games”, strategy games, wargames, gamestorming. 1 (USA)
Open Data Science Community Large annual global conferences for the DS community. Focus on PA and ML (AI). 1 (USA)
Operations Research Society Operations research publications, conferences, courses. 3 (Birmingham,UK)
Product Development and Mgmt Assoc. Global advocate for product dev & mgmt professionals. 1 (USA)
Research and Development Management Association Publish the academic and business journal R&D Management. Presently no conference. 3 (Chester, UK)
Risk Management Society (RIMS) Global leader in risk management practices (insurance, finance, acctg, legal, IT, HR, etc). 1 (USA)
Security Industry Association Cross-industry best practices in physical and informational security (cybersecurity). 1 (USA)
Society for Risk Analysis Improving risk assessment, comm, mgmt and policy. 1 (USA)
Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) Strategy and comp. intelligence (legal and ethical info gathering and analysis) practice. 1 (USA)
Society for Human Resource Mgmt World’s largest HR membership association. 1 (USA)
US Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Bridges academia and industry to improve entrepreneurial education and training. 1 (USA)
World Future Society – Prof. Members Julia Steele; Conferences, publisher of The Futurist magazine. 1 (USA)
World Futures Studies Federation Jennifer Gidley; Developing futures studies field. Online
Industry Specialty – Membership Assns
American Statistical Association Promoting statistical practice, applic. and research. 1 (USA)
Institute of Management Consultants Certifying body and professional association for management consultants and firms in the USA. 1 (USA)
Intnatl Assn of Law Enforc Intell Analysts Org representing law enforcement analysts. 1 (USA)
Investment Mgmt Consultants Assn (IMCA) Investment consulting and wealth management credentials and educational offerings. 1 (USA)
National Crowdfunding Association Advancing the crowdfunding and investing market. 1 (Dallas, TX)
National Venture Capital Association Advocates for policies that encourage innovation and reward long-term investment. 1 (USA)
Police Futurists International Improving criminal and social justice and professionalizing policing using futures research. 1, 3 (USA, Europe)
Project Management Institute Project mgmt’s global professional assocition. 100K members. 1 (Newton Square, PA)
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Leading membership organization for I-O psychology. 1 (USA)
Society of Actuaries Professional assn for modeling financial risk and contingent events. 1 (Schaumberg, IL)
TBK Consult Network and conference for software companies and consultants that use and develop software. 1,3 (USA,Denmark)
Foresight Specialty Networks (Free)
Foresight Education & Research Network Susan Fant, Director; An onramp to the global foresight practice community. 1 (USA)
Public Sector Foresight Network For govt officials involved in foresight work (IAF). 1 (USA)
For many more orgs, see:
GlobalForesight – Foresight Organizations

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