Chapter 6. Methods and Frameworks - Building Adaptive Foresight Skills

4. Foltigo’s Future Value Generation Framework

image156Foltigo is a small strategic foresight consultancy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As they’ve grown to serve larger clients, they’ve been inspired to develop their own practice framework, which they call Future Value Generation. Founder Daniel Egger’s book on the framework and its application, Future Value Generation, comes out in 2015.

Egger’s framework has both a diagnostic cycle, a recipe for framing or scoping the foresight problem, determining what foresight is needed, and a decision cycle, like those we’ve seen earlier in this chapter. Here is his decision cycle framework as developed so far, in brief:

  1. Determine Value Proposition. What value does your organization truly create today?
  2. Portfolio of Change. Trends and change drivers that can impact business processes or market.
  3. Future Contexts. Scenarios about possible social structures, behaviors, and technologies
  4. Visions. What are your aspirational visions about the firm’s contributions to society?
  5. Future Value Proposition. What value will customers see in your future products and services under the various scenarios?
  6. Value Policies. What policies, processes and measurements will guide strategic execution from present to future value?
  7. Option Portfolio. What initiatives, projects, and ideas will increase strategic agility in your drive toward your future value proposition?

As with trait models in Chapter 2, applying many different framework models lightly and quickly to your foresight problem will bring many new insights, and help you clarify your foresight options. For a few more foresight curriculum and practice frameworks, see FERN’s Foresight Definitions and Frameworks page. For a larger list, see the foresight methods books listed at the end of Chapter 6 (Methods and Frameworks) and in Appendix 3 (Resources).

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