Chapter 2. Personal Foresight - Becoming an Effective Self-Leader

III. Evo Devo Psychology

For a bit more depth on the three core foresight skills of Adaptive Foresight and Leadership, let’s turn briefly to evo devo theory, the universal model of change that underlies Toffler and Amara’s Three Ps. We’ll explore Evo Devo Foresight in detail in Chapter 11, but for now, let’s look briefly at how the Three Ps appear to play out in human psychology. We’ll also consider the Three Ps from the perspective of values, in a step toward understanding what we think are three universal sets of values we can find in all human societies. The better we understand these, the better we get at helping teams account for all of the most universally useful values, and at working with and supporting cognitive styles and values that are not our own.

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