Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

E-G Leaders – One-Line Database

Alexandra Elbakyan, Founder, Sci-Hub, the open archive of all the world’s scientific papers.

Emily Empel, Futurist and Insights Professional, Walt Disney Company, Blog (50)

Daniel Egger, Entrepreneur, Strategic Foresight Consultant and Principal, Foltigo

Juan Enriquez, Life Sciences Futurist, Director, Excel Venture Mgmt, As the Future Catches You

Alex Evans, Senior Fellow, Center on International Cooperation, NYU

Dave Evans, Chief Futurist, Cisco, The Internet of Everything (61)

Rose Eveleth, Writer, Designer, Tech Editor, The Atlantic, Producer, Meanwhile in the Future (67)

Kaat Exterbille, Strategic Futurist, Managing Director, Strategic Foresight & Change

Charles Fadel, Educational Foresight, Founder and Chairman, Center for Curriculum Redesign

Liam Fahey, Prof. of Mgmt, Babson College, Exec Dir, Leadership Forum, Learning from the Future

Susan Fant, Instructor, Innovation Mgmt, U. Alabama, Executive Director, FERN

Robin Farmanfarmaian, Medical Futurist, Entrepreneneur, Technologist, The Patient as CEO (2015).

Janet Faulkner, Research, Leadership Development, Foresight Graduate Student, U Houston (33)

Frank Feather, Business Futurist, (61)

Ann Feeney, Futurist, Evaluator, Information Retrieval Specialist, Cision (27)

Manoj Fenelon, First Mover Fellow, Aspen Institute, Director of Foresight, PepsiCo

Tim Ferriss, Bestselling Author, Human Guinea Pig, Angel Investor, The 4-Hour Workweek (84)

Devin Fidler, Strategy, Scenario Planning, Strategic Org Responses to Nonlinear Change, Markle Fdn

Roger Fidler, Predicted iPad in 1994 (Video). Past Dir, Digital Pubs, Reynolds Journalism Inst, U. MO

Mark Finnern, Chief Community Evangelist, SAP, Founder, Bay Area Future Salon (55)

Elizabeth Florescu, Director of Research, Millennium Project

Bent Flyvbjerg, Chair, Major Program Management, Professor, Oxford U., Megaprojects and Risk

Joan Foltz, Economic Futurist, Business Analyst, Trader, Dir, Alsek Research, Market Whipped

Pamela Forbus, Consumer Insights, Portfolio Growth, Vice President, Strategic Insights, PepsiCo (52)

Adam Ford, Database Management, Owner, Quantech, Founder, H+ Australia, Director, Future Day

Tiago Forte, Professional Productivity Training and Coaching, Founder, Forte Labs (40)

Aaron Frank, Lecturer, Accelerating Change; Principal Faculty, Singularity University (47)

Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor, The Economist, The World in 2014

Cindy Frewen, Architect, Urban Futurist, Adjunct Professor, U. Houston, Chair, APF, Blog

Thomas Frey, Futurist Speaker, Architect of the Future, Blog, Communicating with the Future (65)

George Friedman, Chairman, Stratfor Global Intelligence, The Next Decade

Thomas Friedman, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The New York Times, The World is Flat 3.0

Francis Fukuyama, Sen. Fellow, Inst. for International Studies, Stanford U., State-Building

Wilson Fyffe, Corporate Strategic Foresight and Risk Consultant, CEO, Amplios Risk.

Kartik Gada
, Exec Dir, Woodside Capital. Investor in AI, FinTech, other EmTech. Blog, The Futurist

Annette Gardner, Prof., Social and Behav. Sci., U.C.S.F.; Proposer, Foresight Practice Competency Scale

Jay Gary, Prof., School of Bus., LeTourneau U., Dir., Peak Futures, Future of the Foresight Profession (45)

Banning Garrett, Strat. Foresight, Sen. Fellow, Innov&Global Trends, Atlantic Council, Global Trends 2030

Peter Garretson, Transformational Strategist, HQ USAF, 2011 National Military Strategy

Bill Gates, Philanthropist, Investor, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Inventor, Co-Founder, Microsoft (93)

John Geis, Chief of Research, Air Force Research Institute, Blue Horizons II

Kevin George, SVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Beam Suntory (53)

Georgi Georgiev, Least Action, Prof. of Physics, Assumption College, Co-Administrator, Evo Devo Universe

Sandra Geitz, Engineering Management, Lean Implementation, Foresight, Ford Asia Pacific

Luke Georghiou, VP Research & Innovation, U. Manchester, The Handbook of Technology Foresight

Johann Gevers, Decentralized Financial Transactions, Co-Founder and CEO, Monetas

Hope Katz Gibbs, Journalist, PR Professional, President, Inkandescent Public Relations

Michael Gilliland, Product Marketing Manager, SAS, The Business Forecasting Deal

Jennifer Gidley, Postformal Psychologist, President, World Future Studies Federation

Joyce Gioia, Consulting Futurist, Management Consultant, The Herman Group, Impending Crisis (49)

Jerry Glenn, Global Futurist, Exec. Director, The Millennium Project, 2013-14 State of the Future

Michel Godet, Prof, Economics, CNAM, Chairman of La Prospective, Creating Futures

Nick Gogerty, Portfolio Mgr, Risk Researcher, Partner, Thoughtful Capital Group, The Nature of Value (45)

Jeff Gold, Prof of Org Learning and Foresight PhD Program Head, Leeds Met U, Owner, Gold 100.

Garry Golden, Futurist, Adaptive Learning, WebDev, Energy, President, Forward Elements, Blog

Steven Goldman, Prof, Lehigh U, Philosopher of Science, Great Scientific Ideas that Changed the World

Mark Goodman, Sen. Advisor, Interpol Steering Comm. on IT Crime, Future Crimes

Marina Gorbis, Director, Institute for the Future, The Nature of the Future (61)

Adam Gordon, Dir. of Executive and Corporate Education, Wits Business School, Blog, Future Savvy

Ted Gordon, Futurist, Mgmt Consultant, Co-Founder, Millennium Project, Founder, Real Time

Al Gore, Sustainability Advocate, Philanthropist, Former US Vice-President, The Future (92)

Kelly Goto, Design Ethnographer, UX Specialist, Visioneer, Fdr, Gotomedia, Web Redesign 2.0

Roumiana Gotseva, Strategic Foresight Consultant, Dir, Center for Strategic Foresight, Blog

Fabienne Goux-Baudiment, Consulting Futurist, Director, proGective, Prof of Foresight, ISTIA

Marguerite Grandjean, Futurist, Demography, Corporate Strategy, Institute for Alternative Futures

Terry Grim, Partner, Foresight Alliance, Adjunct Prof, Studies of the Future, U Houston, Blog

Linda Groff, Dir, Global Options and Evolutionary Futures, Prof., CSU Dominguez Hills.

Steve Gullans, Managing Dir, Excel Venture Management, Homo Evolutis

Vinay Gupta, Whole Systems Guru, Author, The Future We Deserve (58)

Jeremy Gutsche, Innovation Expert, CEO and Founder, Trendhunter, Exploiting Chaos (80)