Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

C-D Leaders – One-Line Database

Josh Calder, Partner and Founder, Foresight Alliance, Blog (49)

James Cameron, Film Director, Producer, Explorer, Screenwriter, Editor, Exploring the Deep

Stuart Candy, Design Futurist, Instructor, Dir, Situation Lab, OCAD, Blog (55)

James Canton, Global Futurist, Social Scientist, Entrepreneur, Blog, Future Smart (54)

Chris Carbone, VP of Strategy and Innovation Consulting, Kantar Foresight

Tamara Carleton, CEO, Innovation Leadership Board, Playbook for Strategic Foresight and Innovation

Jim Carroll, Global Futurist, Trends and Innovation Expert, Blog (47)

Paul Carroll, CEO, Insurance Thought Leadership, Partner, Devils Advocate Group, Billion Dollar Lessons

Jamais Cascio, Writer, Scenario ConsultanWe2t, World-Builder, Fellow, Inst for the Future, Blog (63)

John Benjamin Cassel, Computer Scientist, Design Research Practitioner, MS in Strategic Foresight, OCAD

John Casti, Social foresight and complex systems scholar, Mood Matters

Frank Catalano, Information Tech Industry Strategist and Analyst. Founding Columnist, Geekwire

Luis Carlos Chacon, Trend Spotter, Marketing Strategy, Forecasting, Brand Consulting, Bautista (31)

Anthony Chang, Chief Intell. and Innov. Officer, CHOC, Director, Medical Intell. and Innovations Institute

Jessica Charlesworth, Speculative Designer, Researcher, Design/Futures Instructor, SAIC

Thomas Chermack, Prof, Colorado State U, Dir, Scenario Planning Inst, Scenario Planning in Organizations

Michael Chorost, Freelance Science Writer, Author, Rebuilt, World Wide Mind (54)

Yu-Kai Chou, Gamification scholar, Founder, Octalysis Group, Actionable Gamification (68)

Cheryl Chung, Lead Strategist, Centre for Strategic Futures and Strategic Policy Office, Singapore Govt

George Church, Biotech Foresight, Prof. of Genetics, Harvard Med School, Founder,

Clayton Christensen, Prof, Harvard Business School, Founder, Innosight, Seeing What’s Next (78)

David Christian, Professor of Big History, Macquarie University, Maps of Time

Andy Clark, Prof. Philosophy of Mind, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics, Natural-Born Cyborgs

Bill Clinton, 42nd US President, Founder, Cinton Global Initiative, Back to Work (41)

Loren Cobb, Math., Statistical Modeler, Peace Researcher. Assoc. Prof. of Math at U. Colorado, Denver.

Bill Cockayne, CEO, Nota Reader, Prof, Stanford U., Dir. Stanford Foresight & Innovation Program

Graeme Codrington, Future Trends Analyst, Founder, TomorrowToday (73)

Sylvio Coelho, Policy Foresight, Public Management, Researcher, Foresight Scenarios, SKC|NEXT

Jessica Colaco, Innovation, Entrep., Director of Partnerships, iHub Nairobi, Cofounder WMIAfrica

Terry Collins, Holistic Foresight Consulting, Org. Development, Principal, Integral Futures

Jay Cornell, Senior Web Developer, Landkamer Partners, Transcendence

Sheryl Connelly, Director, Global Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Co. (52)

Sonia Contera, Co-Director, Inst. of Nanoscience for Medicine, Oxford Programme on Nanotech

Maree Conway, Futures Thinking, Strategy, Edunecation Foresight, Director, Thinking Futures, Blog

Brenda Cooper, Futurist, Conservationist, Sci-Fi Author, CIO, Kirkland, WA (64)

Matthew Coppens, Customer and Market Strategy Specialist, AGL Energy

Christopher Cordey, Strategic Foresight Advisor, CEO, Futuratinow, Dir, Sustainable Luxury Forum

Jose Cordeiro, Energy Advisor, Singularity University, Latinoamerica 2030

Hugh Courtney, Dean, D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, 20/20 Foresight

Mike Courtney, Marketing Research, Competitive Analysis, Founder, Aperio Insights

Tyler Cowen, Professor, George Mason U., Average is Over

Tessa Cramer, Board Member, Dutch Future Society, PhD Student, Maastricht University

Christian Crews, Foresight, Innovation, and Strategy, Principal, AndSpace Consulting, Blog (42)

Steve Cronin, Material Analytics, Product Development, Principal Engineer, Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Kerstin Cuhls, Mgr, Foresight & Futures Research, Fraunhofer ISI, From forecasting to foresight processes.

Andrew Curry, Dir, Strategic Futures Consultancy, The Futures Company, Blog (48)

Cornelia Daheim, Managing Partner, Z_punkt The Foresight Company

Sean Daken, Strategic Analysis, Education, Founder and CEO, RefactorU (47)

Stuart Mason Dambrot, Author, Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Communicator

Nikola Danaylov, Infopreneur, Transhumanist, Blogger, Singularity Weblog (65)

Jim Dator, Professor, U. of Hawaii, Dir, Hawaii Resrch Center for Futures Studies, Pubs, Advancing Futures

Paul Davies, Physicist, Writer, Director, Beyond Center, Arizona State U, The Eerie Silence

Joshua Davis, Foresight Analyst, Aperio Insights, Strategy Consultant, Forward Futures, Dir, FERN

Ross Dawson, Futurist, Entrepreneur, Contributor to the Global Brain, Getting Results from Crowds (71)

Marthin De Beer, CEO, Great Purposes. Former SVP, Emerging Technologies, Cisco

Paul De Civita, Foresight, Behavior, Policy Tools, Director General, Policy Horizons Canada

Aubrey de Grey, Longevity Futurist, CSO, SENS Research Foundation, Ending Aging (51)

Rudy De Waele, Digital Transformation Strategist, Speaker, CEO, Shift 2020

Hugues de Jouvenel, Consultant in Foresight and Strategy, Executive Director, Futuribles International

Kate Delaney, Strategic Foresight, Innovation, Design Thinking, Delaney Foresight Associates

Brad DeLong, Prof. of Economics, Chair of Political Economy, U.C. Berkeley (82)

Clyde DeSouza, Virtual Reality Futurist, Tech Evangelist, 3D Filmmaker, Memories with Maya (48)

Dickson Despommier, Prof., Public Health and Microbiology, Columbia U, The Vertical Farm

Philippe Destatte, Sustainable Development, Policy, Dir. General, Destree Institute, Prof, U. Mons

Peter Diamandis, CEO, XPRIZE, Chairman, Singularity University, Abundance

Jared Diamond, Geographer, Ecologist, Anthropologist, Collapse

Patrick Dixon, Futurist, Trends and Strategy Leader, Chair, Global Change, Building a Better Business (53)

Cory Doctorow, Blogger, Journalist, Science Fiction Author, Little Brother (89)

Cheryl Doig, Leadership and Educational Futurist at Think Beyond Ltd. Co-Fdr, The Future of Learning

Nancy Donovan, Senior Analyst, US Government Accountability Office

Jonathan Dotse, Science Fiction Author, Blogger, AfroCyberPunk

Michael Dowd, Reform Christian Minister, Religious Naturalist, Thank God for Evolution

Larry Downes, Project Dir, Georgetown Ctr for Business and Public Policy, Big Bang Disruption (46)

Dennis Draeger, Strategic Foresight, Trend Hunter, Consultant, Aiglatson Foresight Research (40)

Alida Draudt, Futurist, Service Design Strategist, Capital One, What the Foresight

Eric Drexler, Nanotech Pioneer, Visitor, Oxford Programme for Impact of Future Tech, Radical Abundance

Hamish Duff, Technology Mgmt Specialist and Futurist at Recalibrate Ltd. Co-Fdr, The Future of Learning

Jake Dunagan, Research Director, Technology Horizons, Institute for the Future, Blog (49)

Neil Duncan, Risk and Opportunity Management, Change Mgmt, Compliance Manager, Lloyds Register

Philippe Durance, Pres., Institute of Desirable Futures, Prof, Foresight and Sustainable Devel., CNAM

Maggie Duval, Strategist, Event Producer, CEO, Learning Innovations in Future Education

George Dvorsky, Contributing Editor, Gawker Media, iO9, Chair, IEET (58)

Esther Dyson, Journalist, Technology Analyst, Angel Investor, Release 2.0

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