Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

A-B Leaders – One-Line Database 

Mika Aaltonen, Foresight and Complexity Scholar, Development Director, Finland Futures Research Center

Tom Abeles, Environmental Services and Renewables Consultant, President, Sagacity

Dan Abelow, Inventor, Author, Consultant, Founder, Expandiverse, Imagine a New Future (54)

Rony Abovitz, Mixed Reality Futurist, President and CEO, Magic Leap

Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Software Designer, Machine Intelligence, Google

Anthony Aguirre, Professor of Physics, UC Santa Cruz, Founder, Future of Life Inst, Founder, Metaculus.

Christopher Ahlberg, Computer Scientist, Entrepreneur, CEO, Recorded Future (60)

Rosa Alegria, Consultant, Researcher, Lecturer in Futures and Innovation, Blog

Bryan Alexander, Futurist, E-Learning Foresight, New Media Consortium, The New Digital Storytelling (66)

Janet Alexandersson, Human Rights Lawyer, Founder,, Editor, How to Save Humanity

Antonio Alonso-Conchiero, Accounting, Chairman, Javier Barros Sierra Foresight Foundation

Kristin Alford, Futurist, Science Communicator, CEO, Bridge8, Blog (54)

Gar Alperovitz, Prof. Political Economy, U. MD, Democracy Collaborative, What Then Must We Do? (53)

Natalie Ambrose, Contract Consultant, Trends Research, Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence

David Amdal, Director, Publishing, Trend Analytics, Market Research, Founder, TheMatter (15)

Maria Andersen, Learning and Education Tech Futurist, Director, Learning & Innovation, Area9, Blog (54)

Chris Anderson, CEO, 3D Robotics, Founder, DIY Drones, The Long Tail (85)

Chris Anderson, Curator, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conferences (82)

Monica Anderson, Cognitive Science, NLP, AI Research, Founder, Syntience, CTO, Sensai (45)

Janna Quitney Anderson, Prof, Elon U, Researcher, Pew Internet, Director, Imagining the Internet (47)

Simon Anderson, Futurist, Consultant, Chief Foresight Officer, Venture Foresight Foresight 20/20 (53)

Athena Andreadis, Neurobiologist, Sci-Fi Author, To Seek Out New Life (52)

Amara Angelica, Editor, KurzweilAI, Publisher, Accelerating Intelligence Newsletter

Molly Anglin, Analyst, Consultant at Nonlinear Creations, Blogger on Social Computing, Future of Work

Stephen Aguilar-Milllan, Futurist, Strategist, Economist, Dir, European Futures Observatory (43)

Paul Allen, Philanthropist, Co-Founder, Microsoft, Allen Institute for Brain Sciences, Allen Inst. for AI (86)

Itamar Arel, Deep Learning Expert, Visiting Prof, Stanford U., CEO Binatix (Deep Learning Trading)

J. Scott Armstrong, Prof of Marketing, Wharton, Director, ForecastingPrinciples, Principles of Forecasting

Lea Artis, Digital Marketing and Strategy, Chief Alchemist, Katal Artis Labs

Karen Marie Arvidsson, Strategic Foresight Practitioner, Leadership and Innovation, Director, FERN (64)

Erik Assadourian, Senior Fellow, Worldwatch Institute, State of the World 2013

Scott Aughenbaugh, Fellow, Global Trends and Emerging Technology, CSIS, Seven Revolutions

Jesse Ausubel, Dir, Program for Human Environment, Rockefeller U, Materialization and Dematerialization

Miriam Lueck Avery, Food, Health, Work, Earth, Aging, Program Director, Institute for the Future

Miguel Aznar, Executive Director, Knowledge Context, Director of Education, Foresight Institute

Jeremy Bailenson, Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford U, Infinite Reality

William Sims Bainbridge, Sociologist, Prof, GMU; Co-Director, Human-Centered Computing, NSF

David Baker, Big Historian, Lecturer, University of Amsterdam and Eindhoven, Big History Project

Aral Balkan, Designer, software developer, digital rights, privacy, justice, and democracy activist.

Joe Ballantyne, Specialist in Strategic Futures and Innovation, Vice President, The Futures Company

Ken Banks, Technology, Anthropology, Conservation, Development, Fdr, Kiwanja, Means of Exchange (59)

Marcus Barber, Strategic Futurist, Value Systems Specialist, Owner, Looking Up Feeling Good (54)

Joel Barker, Futurist, Author, Lecturer, Filmmaker, Five Regions of the Future

Christopher Barnatt, Futurist, Author, Videographer, Explaining the Future (48)

Thomas Barnett, International Affairs Expert, The Pentagon’s New Map

Raj Bawa, President, Bawa Biotech, Adjunct Prof, Rensselaer Polytech Inst, Nanomedicine

Danny Belkin, Scientist, Futurist, Biz Dev Director, Singapore Eye Research Institute

Gregory Benford, Physicist, Sci-Fi Author, Chairman, Genescient, Beyond Human

David Bengston, Social Scientist, Strategic Foresight and Rapid Response Group, U.S. Forest Service

Philip Bernosky, Futurist, Advanced Technology Group, Dolby Laboratories (13)

Craig Bettles, MBA Candidate 2014, Melbourne Bus. School, President, Trend Spot Consulting

David Beurle, Innovation Leadership, Founder and CEO, Future iQ Partners, The Future Game

Marco Bevolo, Urban Futurist, Research Principal Urban Futures, Philips

Clement Bezold, Chairman, Senior Futurist, Inst. for Alternative Futures, The Future of Work and Health

Jeff Bezos, Technology Entrepreneur, Business Magnate, Investor, CEO, Amazon

Alisha Bhagat, Internat’l Devel, Sustainability Policy, Foresight, Research Advisor, Forum for the Future

Rohit Bhargava, Trend Curator, Marketer, Founder, Influential Marketing Group, Non-Obvious (Annual).

Raya Bidshahri, Co-Founder, Café Scientifique, Intelligent Optimism, Founder, Awe Academy

Todd Binion, Strategic Foresight, Collaborative Foresight and Innovation Manager, Statefarm

Peter Bishop, Prof. Emeritus, U. of Houston, Pres., Teach the Future, Teaching About the Future

Dave Blakely, Emerging Technologies Foresight Consultant, Former Director, Technology Strategy, IDEO

James-Christian Blockwood, Dir., Strat. Studies, Office of Policy & Planning, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Howard Bloom, Scholar of Mass Behavior, Systems Theorist, Author, Global Brain (41)

Harry Blount, CEO, Discern, Chair, Alpha Theory, Ed., Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies

Lisa Bodell, Futurist and Management Consultant, CEO, Futurethink, Blog (46)

Barry Boehm, Professor of Computer Science, USC, Future of Software Engineering

Barbara Bok, Research Assistant in Foresight, PhD Candidate, Swinburne U of Technology\

Erica Bol, Lecturer, Trend Research, Foresight and Innovation, PhD Candidate, Future Research

Ulf Boman, Partner and Future Strategist, Kairos Future Mgmt Consulting

Felix Bopp, Chairman, Club of Amsterdam, CEO, Sonaris

Martin Borjesson, Scenario Planner, Futurist, Strategist, Dir, Knowit Business Growth

Nick Bostrom, Director, Future of Humanity Institute, Program on Impacts of Future Tech

Phil Bowermaster, Writer, Analyst, Marketing Consultant, Speculist Media and Research, Blog (41)

Michele Bowman, Curator, 10 Conference, Executive Director, Innovation Foundry

Stowe Boyd, Work Futurist, Researcher in Accelerating Change, Strange Attractor at

Anne Boysen, Prof. Futurist, VP, Central TX World Future Society, Owner, After the Millennials, Blog (45)

Marshall Brain, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Consultant, Public Speaker, The Second Intelligent Species

Reon Brand, Senior Director, Foresight, Trends, and People Research, Philips

Stewart Brand, President, Long Now Foundation, Fdr, Global Business Network, Whole Earth Discipline

Charles Brass, Community Engagement, Leadership Development, Chairman, Futures Foundation

Chris Brauer, Dir, MSc Mgmt of Innovation, Goldsmiths, U. London, Fdr, Ctr for Creative & Social Tech

James Breaux, Professional Engineer, UH College of Technology, Foresight

Ian Bremmer, Political Scientist, Risk Consultant, President, Eurasia Group, The J-Curve

Alvis Brigis, Field Audio Researcher, Adecco Grp at Nest Labs, The Future of Facebook, Blog (57)

Iveta Brigis, HR Foresight, Open Sourcing Best Practices in People Operations, Google.

David Brin, Science Fiction Author, Futurist, Principal, Epocene, The Transparent Society (75)

Sergey Brin, Founder, Google, Director, Google X (49)

Terry Bristol, Adjunct Prof., Portland State U., President, Inst. for Science, Engrg, & Public Policy, ISEPP

John Brockman, Literary agent, Chairman, Edge Foundation, The Next Fifty Years

Damien Broderick, Science Fiction Author, Futurist, The Spike

Rodney Brooks, CTO, Rethink Robotics, Founder, iRobot, Flesh and Machines (51)

John Seely Brown, Co-Chairman, Deloitte Center for the Edge, The Social Life of Information (58)

Sheldon Brown, Interaction Design, Director, Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, UCSD

Soozie (Susannah Pascoe) Brown, Revolutionary, Futurist, and Microbusiness Entrepreneur (59)

Tim Brown, Design Thinking, CEO, IDEO, Change By Design

Stanley Brunn, Prof. Geography, U. KY, Changing World Religion Map, Changing World Language Map

Erik Brynjolfsson, Prof, MIT Sloan School, Dir, Center for Digital Business, The Second Machine Age (67)

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Political Scientist, Prof, NYU, Fdr, Selectors, The Predictioneer’s Game

Marcel Bullinga, Futurist and Trend watcher, Chairman, Trends trainer (51)

James E. Burke, Forecaster, Manager, Forecasting and Innovation Solutions, TASC Futures Group (41)

Mathew J. Burrows, Dir, Strategic Foresight Initiative, Counselor, Nat’l Intell. Council, Global Trends 2030

Daniel Burrus, Speaker, Innovation Expert, Global Futurist, Strategic Advisor, Blog, Flash Foresight (66)

Maurits Butter, Senior Scientist, TNO-STB (Netherlands Org. for Applied Sci., Strategy, Tech, and Policy)

William C. Busch, Chief, EUCOM Strategic Foresight, Intelligence Directorate

Kent Bye, Project Manager, SrcumMaster, Video Content Marketer, Director, Voices of VR Podcast (58)

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